Monday, December 27, 2004

hey this is the best Angelina Jolie/Lara look i can muster, ok? Posted by Hello

My whole department enjoying the effects of wine.  Posted by Hello

Lara and Alias fighting over who gets to kill the annoying reindeer. Posted by Hello

Bruce Lee and Lara kicking ass. Er, well sort of. Posted by Hello

Melissa and Melissa: Lara Croft and Rudolph Posted by Hello

Our office party at Blue Note couple of weeks ago. The theme was "It's Showtime" so everyone dressed up as a movie star or character. My boss, Collyn (left), Zee (above) and Haw (below). Posted by Hello

Tis the season

i'm back. Well i never really went anywhere but with Christmas and relatives around, things have been craaaaaaaazy. It's great having everyone around (my grandma is visiting from Manila and my aunt, uncle and cousin from Sydney are here too), but sometimes the activities around the house get overwhelming. If someone's not in my face, i'm in someone's face etc. You get the pic.

On a more positive's see. Oh, work in the office is very light. Actually, it ranges from very light to doing absolutely nothing at all. Today, everyone's still on leave in my department so i'm pretty much doing, well, nothing. I've been to and downloaded movie trailers, visited Friendster like five million times and am chatting with Selina. Well, ok occassionally i'm busy answering the phone. Today, i've answered a total of five calls. Phew, what a day.

Anyway, it's an hour till i get out of this place. Three and a half working days till the new year (we get half day on Friday). Tonight, i'm gonna see Lester and bitch about how i had absolutely nothing to do but at the same time am savouring the moment.

Hope y'all had a merry little Christmas. Hugz to all.

"Just hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling, ring ting ting a ling tooooooo...."
- still in the Christmassy mood

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Snail Mail.

We don’t get enough snail mail anymore these days, don’t you think? I’ve started sending out my Christmas cards, via post, and it feels nice for a change. I like e-mails, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t write letters/send cards (not e-cards) anymore. I know we’ve reached a sad point when getting a bank statement or phone bill in the mailbox gets me excited. It’s like, “Oh wow, look my name’s on the envelope and I get to rip this open!” Sigh.

But when I do get a REAL letter or card in the mail, wowee…I get ants in my pants! I must give an honourable mention to a friend of mine in the UK, Peilin. She e-mails AND sends me snail mail. She hasn’t missed a birthday or Christmas. She sends me nice happy cards ‘just because’.

She’s a dying breed.

I don’t know if everyone gets as excited as I do when it comes to getting mail but this year I’ve decided not to procrastinate and actually send out my Christmas cards. Just to let some people know I’m thinking of them.

I’m getting warm and fuzzy already…

See you all Monday. I’m going to the Weston wetlands (it’s a swampy area in the west coast of Sabah) for the weekend. To the jungle we go!

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening…?”

-Winter Wonderland. If only.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


There’s this hype about Paula Malai Ali being on Oprah recently. And I’m sure it’s been blogged to death. But I thought I’d express my thoughts on the issue as well, ehem. Anyway, quick recap, PMA was selected to do a short segment on the average 30-year-old woman in Malaysia. So they did a three-minute clip to show how a so-called ‘average’ 30-year-old woman lives in good ol’ sunny Malaysia. It was on Oprah last Sunday, Astro Channel 70.

She starts off by saying she must MUST have her weekly massage (she says 'meh-sahj') , which is ONLY US$12 mind you, and then shows how the threading technique works instead of the usual eyebrow plucking technique. We enter her apartment. Cozy, lots of uber-cool ethnic stuff lying around (“Oh dah-ling, this is absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it? I bought it during my recent trip to Bali/Bangkok/South Africa/whatever sounds exotic”) and the camera pans around to show the swimming pool and tennis courts in her apartment grounds. Her rent, she tells, is only US$250. That’s about RM950 a month. (ok, at this point, I’m wondering when she’ll mention she’s actually married to royalty, is a famous TV personality and hails from Brunei. Hello?)

PMA then claims because of the oh-so-affordable living expenses in Kuala Lumpur, she has spare change to buy the must-have Jimmy Choo shoes (fine, she gets points for pointing out Choo is actually Malaysian).

Someone needs a reality check.

I was kind of embarrassed because the other women from other countries were at least blunt and revealed harsh realities about their lives there. Such as the woman from Rwanda, who was repeatedly raped, watched 16 family members killed before her and is now raising her son (conceived during the rape) and 2 other foster children. She’s living a normal life now and Oprah sent her to college (in true Oprah style of course). And this actress from Mexico – who is gorgeous and rich but anyway - revealed that her country is known for infidelity. I’m not expecting PMA to share some personal trauma but some dose of reality would be nice. Like, Malaysian women are very self-conscious. I think we are anyway. We’re always worried what other people will think if we do this, wear this etc. But I have long accepted that’s the way our culture works and although I don’t like it, I have to be honest and say I too am guilty of adhering to society’s expectations and requirements.

Ok, that’s a different topic altogether.

But Paula representing the average 30-year-old woman? Why didn’t they get some average executive who commutes to work, shops at Parkson Grand and watches movies at TGV on Saturday nights? Cuz it’s boring, that’s why. And heaven forbid we Malaysians be portrayed as boring. But it doesn’t have to be boring. It’s all about portrayal. A night out at the mamak can be deemed exotic to the foreign eye, right? Whatever it is, I just feel they could have done Malaysian women more justice by making the segment more realistic, honest and unique at the same time.

Ok that’s my two cents for the day. But what do i care about 30-year-old women anyway? I’m only 25,haha.

"Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate.
It may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above you.
You better let somebody love you,
you better let somebody love you
before it's too late."

- Desperado, The Eagles

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


It’s an Aerosmith song that comes to mind as i write this. I worked late last night and since I was alone, I figured I’d surf the net a bit, not sure what I was surfing for. Somehow I found myself typing ‘divorce rates’ and hit search. Suffice to say, I found enough stats to dampen my day. But here’s one site that takes the cake If you thought YOU were cynical, check out this guy’s (once you start reading, you’ll gather that he’s male) website. Some disturbing phrases (however the truth and credibility behind each statement is highly debatable so don’t take anything to heart – then again, only a moron with half a brain would):

* 4 out of 5 men regret marrying.
Divorce rate is around 60%. Majority of remaining married men are stuck in sexless marriages with nagging and bitching wives, but they choose not to divorce because they are afraid of being wiped out financially during divorce.

*Foreign women from South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia make much better wives than American women.
Dating or being married to an American woman is like driving a beat-up Ford Escort. If you are only used to driving a beat-up Ford Escort, then you have no idea what it feels like when you drive a Bentley or Ferrari.
·*Is this website about all American/Western women?

Women to avoid are women interested in Career, Personal Success, Personal Growth, Finding Themselves, and Self-improvement. That includes all career women and the majority of other North American and Western European women. I mostly use "American woman" throughout the website because it bacame synonymous with everything that is wrong with modern women. Substitute American with British, Canadian, Australian, etc if you don't live in the US.

Trust me, the content gets more twisted. He even has a book, yours for only $9.95. I don’t think he hates women, he just hates American women. Actually, come to think of it, he hates women who can take care of themselves.


There were so many jaw-dropping statements throughout the article that I began to think that writer was most likely dropped on his head when he was born. Heck if anything, I found myself defending marriage after reading his crap!

The million-dollar question would probably be why was I looking up information on divorce rates? Just curious I guess. I mean, I respect the idea of marriage and I consider it a sacred union. But it’s such a huge risk. Isn’t there a foolproof way of making sure you marry the right one? Hell, what does 'the right one' mean anyway? I know couples who have been married for more than 20 years and then wake up one morning and decide, “Gee you’re starting to annoy me. Buh-bye.” Yikes. Twenty years? Just like that?

Buying the wrong dress in the wrong colour, I can handle. Ordering a meal that tastes like feet, I’ll survive. Choosing the wrong mobile service provider, hey shit happens. But marrying the wrong guy? I really don’t like the way people consider divorce as an easy option out. I’ve seen it one too many times. The only way to reduce the likelihood of divorcing is to marry the right person.

It’s not exactly rocket science.

Ok enough talk. Happy song for the day:

“Dreams last for so long, even after you’re gone. I know you love me and soon you will see, you were meant for me. Like I was meant for you.”

-Jewel, You Were Meant For Me (if only it was that easy)

Friday, November 19, 2004

"A Woman"

This is written in the Hebrew Talmud, the book where all of the sayings and preaching of Rabbis are conserved over time. It says:

"Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib.
Not from his feet to be walked on.
Not from his head to be superior,
But from the side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected,
And next to the heart to be loved."

"When a man loves a woman, can't keep his mind on nothing else..."
- Michael Bolton lovin' his woman...

Friday, November 12, 2004

Good week. Bad week.

It has been the longest seven days of my life. It hasn’t been the greatest week, hence the lack of interesting to blog about. Had I blogged everyday, I would have sounded something like this:

Saturday: ok la.
Sunday: Monday tomorrow? Sigh.
Monday: I feel like killing someone.
Tuesday: The weather is crap.
Wednesday: My tummy is still acting up.
Thursday: Happy Deepavali. I’m going to watch TV now so leave me alone.

So here I am, itching to leave the confinements of my office and embed myself in my couch, remote control in one hand and junk food in the other. I’m looking forward to the long weekend. SO looking forward. I’m very irritable these days. I think it’s a combination of things. Have a sucky week does not help of course.

Apologies for the negative vibes right now. On an ‘up’ note, I had a good Thursday. It was a public holiday so I stayed at home and hung out with my brothers, sister and nieces. It’s been a while since we all got together like that and we ended up playing a board game, called Atmosfear. We had a good laugh, everyone trying to annoy/cheat one another. Nothing like sibling love, eh? The boys and my nieces went out in the afternoon and my sis and I spent some girly time watching a DVD together. It was nice.

Ok back to work. Bloody hell.

“Let’s dance...Oh let’s daaaaaaance…”
- Donna Summers, who's having a better week I suppose.

Monday, November 08, 2004


My body is breaking down. I’ve got a migraine since last night and it’s pounding on my left temple. It’s like they opened up a factory in my head. And they’re operating overtime. For the last four days I’ve also been having a bad case of bloated-ness. Everytime I eat, my stomach goes on strike and starts acting up. I don’t need to go to the toilet but I’m just FULL of air (ok, you know what I mean). My stomach makes the strangest noises and it’s not because I’m hungry. I think I should start working out. The blood’s not circulating right in my body. But I’m too tired to work out. Ironic isn’t it?

I’m tired because I don’t exercise because I’m tired….

I wanna go home.

"Why does it hurt so baaaaad?"
-Whitney Houston singing my song.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Five-Year Plan

So what’s your five-year plan? I’ve heard this phrase several times this week and it got me thinking. Sometimes I think I’ve got my life sorted out but when someone asks me about my five-year plan, I realize I have a ‘general overview’ plan (things like 'I want to be happy') and not a five-year plan.

Should I worry? Not really but I’m starting to think that my life isn't as organized as I thought it would be. See, I’ve always been a bit uptight about planning. I love making a checklist of things to do. I plan how my every day should go. Here’s an example:

- Lunch with sis
- Dinner at home, coffee with sis
- Bed by 11

- Watch The Apprentice, hence, staying in tonight.
- Bed by 11

- Lunch with Mia and Wilson
- Rearrange CDs alphabetically
- Evening, reading time, bed

- Spend time with Lester in the evening
- Read some more, bed

You get the pic. And the thing is, it’s such a struggle for me to ‘interrupt’ my schedule. I’m a bit more flexible these days because it makes sense that not everyone can fit into my plans at my whim. It’s not a steadfast rule. Say on Tuesday I want to watch The Apprentice. I can still squeeze dinner with friends as long as I get home by nine.

My god. I sound like Monica from Friends.

I even plan my weekends in advance. Those who know me well are familiar with my ways. If I’m dressed to go for a drink at the beach, announcements such as, “Change of plans! We’re going clubbing!” doesn’t bode well with me. You have to tell me these things earlier. I have to have the right mind set, y’know what I mean? But since I met Lester, I have to say that I’m starting to loosen up a bit. He’s a lot more ‘let’s-just-see-how-it-goes’. It used to drive me crazy. Plans would get cancelled, plans would crop up…Nuts I tell you! So now, I try to just ‘wing it’ with him. Apa-apa pun jadi la, right honey? But the sweet thing is, he’s trying to be a bit more ‘predictable’ for me, heh heh. Life is good again.

But I digress. Back to the five-year plan. Let’s see. I’m 25. So what do I hope to achieve in five years? I love my job now, don’t get me wrong, but within the next five years I see myself getting a better job. Or at least going one step higher. Also, I think it’s practical to think that I’ll be focusing on saving money rather than spending it luxuriously. By 30, I would like to think I’ve settled down. In fact, I think it’s ideal to have one child before you hit thirty. I want to be one of those young mums who can still run around with their kids. But that’s just my opinion anyway.

So that’s about it. Better job, more money and kids by or before 30. What about you?

“Your love is better than ice cream, better than anything else that I’ve tried…”
- Sarah Maclachlan, Ice Cream

Monday, November 01, 2004

Why I Watch Horror Movies by Melissa Leong

Why do we watch horror movies? Two words: Cheap thrills. Some people bungee jump, others skydive. Me? I watch horror movies. Sometimes the scarier the better. Sure, I end up sleeping with the radio on for the next seven days or so but the adrenaline rush was worth it.

I went to watch The Grudge last Saturday. I know it’s a horror movie and I KNOW it’s gonna scare the bejesus out of me. I KNOW I’m gonna have flashbacks and I KNOW I won’t be able to look in the mirror while I brush my teeth. Does that stop me? Nope. In fact, I’m so proud that I kept my eyes open throughout the movie this time. I think I’m getting better. When I went to watch Exorcist: The Beginning a few weeks ago, I was staring at my friend’s shoulder instead of the (huge-ass) screen – making the demon-possessed face 50 times bigger mind you - for the last fifteen minutes. I really didn’t need the visual horror at that point, thankyouverymuch. There’s something about a possessed demonic face with a deep groveling voice that keeps me awake with the light on at night…

Anyway, back to The Grudge. I never did watch the Japanese version but saw enough of the trailer to know it wasn’t pretty. The American remake, with Sarah Michelle Gellar, was freaky enough as it is and they kept the Japanese setting. They stayed true to the original plot and there’s just something creepier when there’s an Asian element (seriously, I think the wailing pontianak is much scarier than any of Buffy’s wrinkly vampires in miniskirts). There were lots of scenes that stick in your head in The Grudge. From staying back late in the office (no more overtime for me) to riding the bus, it reminds you that ANYthing can happen ANYwhere ANYtime. You know that classic scene where the girl thinks she’s safest in her apartment under her covers and then something is actually under the covers WITH her?

I wanted to vomit blood and poke my eye at the same time.

After the movie, you tell yourself, “That’s it! That’s the last horror movie I’m gonna watch.” Of course, what you REALLY mean is…For now. Until you need that cheap thrill again. Last night, I left the radio on and dimmed my lights instead of turning them off. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts….

Bungee jumping doesn’t sound so bad after all.

"We've got nothing but the radio on..."
-some Dave Koz song.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bangkok and Back

Well, took me a while to sit my butt down and let you guys know I’M HOME! Didja miss me?

Anyway, Bangkok was a blast. Three days was not enough – which means I’m definitely going back! I was there with a bunch of reporters and photographers. It was sponsored by Air Asia, who now flies direct to Bangkok from Kota Kinabalu (ehem, doing a bit of promo on my bit here…). Bangkok is a huge city, complete with skytrains, subways, flyovers, towers…The works. But made the city unique were the huge temples and palaces, built smack dab in the middle of the city. They’ve retained a lot of old buildings too so you get to see a fusion of old and new. Quite a spectacle. Visiting temples is a real tourist-y thing to do but I would encourage anyone to check out at least one during their visit (warning: there is such thing as ‘temple overkill’ – no more than three in a day and you’ll be fine!). I guess the most popular one would be Wat Pho, where you can find the biggest statue of Buddha in the world. Before I went in, I figured, gee how big could it be?

Trust me, it’s BIG.

And beautiful. I actually stood in awe for a good five seconds before I realized I was holding up the line. The Buddha is lying on his sides and when you reach the soles of his feet, you’ll notice they’re inscribed with ancient scriptures and pictures. I think it tells a story or something. Fascinating stuff. But the most enlightening experience was when I went to the temple of the meditating Buddha (situated within Wat Pho but a bit of a walk from the main building). The minute I entered and knelt down, I was washed over by a sense of calm. I don’t mean to be dramatic but seriously…I haven’t felt that in a long time. The Buddha is sitting in the usual lotus position (legs crossed) and there are five disciples surrounding him. Flowers and candles illuminate the temple and there are age-old drawings on the walls. And it’s so quiet, even when it’s filled with people. Now, I’m a Catholic but I have to admit I have a new-found admiration and respect for Buddhism. I understand now that it’s not so much a religion as it is a belief. A way of life. I was told that Buddha’s main lesson to mankind was to be responsible for their actions.

I think that makes complete sense.

Also, I learned that the Thai people are not only religious but VERY fond of their King. A joke that starts with, “Have you heard the one with the King and Queen…?” would not bode well here unless you want to be fed to the many giant pythons found in the Land of Smiles. Speaking of huge reptiles. I took a photo with a seven-foot python. Took some convincing and when the guy finally wrapped the critter around my shoulders, I nearly died. First of all, it was heavy. Ok, I told myself, no problem. And THEN…it started to wriggle. And I could feel the muscles rub against my body. EEEEW! And the more I freaked out, the more it wriggled. I could almost hear him say, “Wow, dinner’s served!”

On a less wriggly note, I also got up close and personal with a baby elephant. It was so adorable. I want one for Christmas.

Ooh and one of the highlights would definitely be having dinner on board a ship, cruising down the Chao Praya river. First off, the food was excellent. After that, we adjourned to the top deck where a live band was playing. As I enjoyed the breeze, I was totally mesmerized by the skyline of Bangkok. Tall towers and ancient temples were lit up along the banks. We even cruised beneath several bridges, with people waving to us from above. It was such an amazing experience. But a word of warning – being alone and surrounded by lovey dovey couples under the Bangkok stars can be damaging to your emotional state. Heh.

And shopping? Well, we were only given some three hours of shopping throughout three days. The shopping malls are impressive but it’s the night markets that’ll give you a retail orgasm (I got mine at Suan Lum Night Market. Yes, yes OH YES!) . First tip: Bargain like your life depended on it. And there’s only one thing to do after this: buy, buy, buy! And it’s not an urban legend: Things can get really cheap over here. I got some pretty good bargains but I don’t think I exhausted my wallet enough. There’s always next time…

Anyway I’ll let the photos do the talking. Bangkok hasn’t seen the last of me yet.

“You to me are everything, the sweetest song that I can sing…Oh baby, oh baby!”
- You To Me Are Everything, The Real Thing (one of my favourite feel good songs)

The Grand Palace. Amazing piece of architecture. Mind you, that's just the Main Hall behind me. The whole palace is five times the size of the main hall! Posted by Hello

Me in my element...Shopping diva! Posted by Hello

Do i really need to explain what's happening here? Posted by Hello

The holiday begins!  Posted by Hello

Cruising the Chao Praya river Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004

Hello Bangkok!

I’m going to Bangkok tonight. Yep, the office is sending me on a media familiarization trip. I thought my boss was joking when she told me. I told her, “Ok ok, seriously…Is it Tawau or Sandakan again this time?” But yes, my friends, I am actually heading to Bangkok!

I’m pretty excited. I haven’t traveled to anywhere remotely exotic in the last couple of years. I think the last overseas trip was to the Gold Coast two years ago. So many places to see…And so little funds to spare, haha.

I have a friend, Edmund, who is doing what most of us talk about doing or would like to do or wish we could do (you get the pic). He’s backpacking around Europe. Basically, he applied for a two-year working visa and is –technically- based in London. So here’s a guy whom upon graduating uni, packed his bags, moved to London and is working four jobs to survive and travel. After working several weeks, he saves enough money to hop from one country to another. When that’s done, he returns to London, works some more…And repeats the globe-trotting cycle. It’s amazing, I tell you. He sends me postcards every week and tells me about places I’ve never even heard off! He went to Florence, Rome, Assisi and the last time I heard he was one the way to Croatia. I can’t remember half the places he’s been to. I’ve put up his postcards on my office wall as a reminder there’s more to the world than Kudat and KL.

Maybe someday I’ll get to send my friends postcards too :)

"All my bags are packed...I'm ready to go,"
-Leaving On a Jet Plane and for the life of me, I can't remember who the original singer is.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

PMS is the strangest thing. Lethal, but strange. Maybe not so much strange, more like…Fascinating. Perhaps not on the receiving end anyway. I was observing an individual in my office – whom shall remain unnamed because this blog could fall into the wrong hands, mind you – and saw her transform from a jolly upbeat person to a cross-breed of the mother-in-law from hell and the meanest Ah Nyong selling mee goreng at the school canteen. If she’s not quietly seething, she’s pissed at everything/one else around her. And then next thing you know…She invites me and my colleagues for lunch. Dare you decline? Man, if she wanted us to do the Macarena naked in the street, we would have probably said yes just to make her happy. I say probably because I really hate doing the Macarena.

Har har.

But to be fair, I’m guilty of PMS myself. Thing is, I never had a problem with it until I reached my twenties. Or perhaps I only REALISED it then. Wow. First there’s the food cravings. From the usual chocolate bar to the real oddities like…Bak kut teh. And then there’s the mood swings. I pity the fool who stands in my way at this time of the month. Like last Saturday, I snapped at Wilson in the car because he wouldn’t turn on the light so I could put my lipstick on. When he finally did, I turned it off and said, “Forget it lah, I’ll do it in the dark.” Enter awkward silence. And then Lester pokes me from the back seat and mouths, “What’s wrong?” And I roll my eyes. Waaaaah, bitchy overload man…

I felt so bad after that but I’m lucky my guy friends are so wonderfully understanding, muah muah (love you guys…I promise to be nice for the next 28 days). Oh and then there’s the crying. Yep, the one where every song/picture/ad on tv makes you tear up.
“My God did you guys hear the Nescafe ad on the radio this morning….? Sob sob.”

I read something really funny in a magazine – ok albeit at the female population’s expense – about women and that time of the month. A guy wrote, “How can you trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die?”

Come on, you have to admit that’s kinda funny.

“I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint.
I do not feel ashamed. I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between.
You know you wouldn’t want it any other way…”

-Meredith Brooks, with her oh-so-true rendition of “Bitch”

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Have you heard this one...?

A guy goes to the doctor for a checkup and the doctor says, "Well sir, I have bad news and I have worse news".
The guy says, "Well gimme the worst news first".
The doc says, “Well sir you have Cancer".

The guy says "That's terrible news, but what’s the bad news?"
The doc says "Well sir, you also have Alzheimers disease".

"Well", answers the guy, "at least I don't have Cancer".

Hahahahahahaha, this really made my Monday. Be back with more things to ramble about.

“Well I feel just like you, and I cry just like you.
But I heal just like you. And under my skin, I’m just like you,”

- Keb’ Mo’, Just Like You, from the ‘One Fine Day’ soundtrack, playing in the office.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sad songs.

You notice how some songs are just so sad? Sometimes we just sing along without really listening or thinking of what the lyrics are saying. I notice that when i'm driving alone, that's when i REALLY listen to songs. Like word for word. Sometimes the song just breezes through your head but there are always one or two songs that strike a nerve or make you go, "hmm."

One of the songs that makes me tear up is Butterfly Kisses. You know the one about the father who's singing to the daughter? He's telling her how she's growing up so fast but she'll always be his little girl. Damn. I always get teary, especially the part where he sings about her wedding day and that "she'll change her name today". Makes me think of my daddy :)

Another sad song is Toni Braxton's 'How Could An Angel Break My Heart?' I mean, you don't have to go through that kind of heartache but if you listen to the lyrics, you can almost feel the longing and pain.

"I wonder if she makes him smile
The way he used to smile at me
I hope she doesn't make him laugh
Because his laugh belongs to me."

- Toni Braxton, How Could An Angel Break My Heart?

ouch. Also Josh Groban. Ok, so this guy has a dramatic voice to start off with. And while most of his stuff might sound like Pavarotti in training, take a listen to Broken Vow:

"Tell me his name I want to know
The way he looks and where you go.
I want to see his face, I need to understand,
How you and I came to an end..."
(enter sad puppy eyes and trembling lower lip)

And finally, something by Heather Headley called I Wish I Wasn't:

"I wish i wasn't in love with you...So you couldn't hurt me."

Makes sense doesn't it? The person you love the most is also the person who can break you. Doesn't matter if other people slight us but if it's someone close, like a family member or boyf/gf, ouch.

It's like if you're rude to a random stranger on the street, you forget about it within 30 seconds but if you accidentally snap at your mum and you see the stunned look on her face, you feel this big.

Anyway, enough love songs for the day. Happier updates later. Big hug to all.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

When the world is being a real pain and nothing's going right, here's the one person that makes me smile no matter what - My niece, Leilana.  Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

Red, red wine.

I am so glad my day is almost ending. Monday has never been my favourite day anyway but today is just exceptionally sucky. Er...with no one to blame but myself.

Last night I attended the Kinabalu Shell Press Awards. I'm no longer with the press but my company bought a table at the event so I ended up hanging out with my old buddies. Anyway, long story short, there was plenty of wine. Red, red wine beckoning me with its evil ruby glint, promising happier -but delusional- times. And so I drank. And drank. And drank. And danced. Danced until I was thirsty. So i drank some more. Next thing I know, I'm clinging on to Haw who's trying to steer me to his car, whilst I'm singing some Abba song, precariously teetering on my black heels. I was deliriously happy, unaware it was three a.m and I was on the brink of one of the worst hangovers in my life.

Enter Monday morning, 6:30am. First of all, everything is TOO bright. And too loud. Then my insides begin to wake up too. They're not too happy, I discover. Hence i begin my morning love affair with the toilet boil, making my hair smell like Eau De Puke. Shower, change, room still spinning, the sight of breakfast makes my stomach tighten again. My dad has to send me to work because I swear I'm still tipsy. I'm not even sure if I'm walking straight. The floor keeps moving. Damn floor. Anyway, I've puked four times in the office, and everyone just can't resist telling me I look like crap.

Gee oh my, I wonder why.

Anyway, I really wanna go home and sleep right now. I swear I can still taste the red wine, clinging onto my tongue. Ugh. Happier times tomorrow, people.

Over and out.

"I hope you don't mind, that i put down in words,
How wonderful life is now you're in the world."
- Your Song by Elton John. Fuzzy song that reminds me of my baby.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Won't worry my life away

Just quoting Jason Mraz. I hate deadlines. It's been on my mind the last few weeks. Being in this line of work means deadlines are a way of life. I think it's the only sucky part of my career so...I guess i can't complain. There's just so much to do: write the stories, get the photos, make sure the layout is in order and once everything is supposedly done, there are ALWAYS changes. Always always always. So I'm thinking of working extra hours on Monday.

But it's Saturday so i won't think too much about Monday. Last night i met up with friends and went to Shenanigan's for some good music and good fun :) I called an early night though. It's no fun going to work groggy and cranky. It's almost lunch time and i am so glad the work day is over.

I was chatting with Melina, my colleague, about winning the lottery (somehow i always think of Yolanda when someone mentions the lottery...hmm). If I won RM3 million (ok don't ask why RM3 million and not just RM1 million. This is MY fantasy, ok?), I would:

1) bank in RM1million and live off the interest
2) pay off debts for my family
3) have a lucky draw for the office. Like this: every month, I'd fulfill someone's wish. They put their 'wants' in a basket (like a trip to Europe or to have a piece of land in Kudat or something...) and every month, someone's dream gets fulfilled.
4) treat my friends like crazy
5) open an animal shelter
6) buy shoes.

The list is endless if you think about it. Such happy thoughts for the weekend. Oh speaking of happy thoughts, here's a little something to jumpstart your weekend:

Such a sucker for these tests. You'll enjoy it too!

"the remedy is the experience. It is a dangerous liaison
I say the comedy is that its serious. Which is a strange enough new play on words
I say the tragedy is how you're gonna spend the rest of your nights with the light on
So shine the light on all of your friends because it all amounts to nothing in the end

- Jason Mraz, Remedy

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Shits and giggles.

Just a strange phrase i remember a colleague saying to me. And it wasn't said in the best context mind you. Ok, let's make a long drama-rama short. Basically, we were discussing the science of inter-gender friendships (i dunno if there's such a thing but it sounds quite clever kan?). Anyway, I was telling him how i have plenty of platonic male friends and that they don't have to be complicated (as my colleague believes so). He thinks a true platonic friendship with a girl cannot exist because someone always ends up falling for the other.

Can you imagine if every boy-girl friendship had to face that?

Anyway, he asked me why I bothered being friends with him because he couldn't seem to grasp the concept of a girl who just wants to 'be friends' (Yes, some guys do appear to be from another planet). And hence he said, "Cuz i don't stick around girls for shits and giggles if it's not going to lead to something more."

Yeah, needless to say we now have a very awkward friendship. Because:
a) i just want to be friends and nothing more and he can't comprehend this idea.
b) i'm offended because I like to think i offer more than shits and giggles to a friendship. (i'm starting to get really annoyed with that term....)

So what's a girl to do? You want to be friends - normal friends - and do stuff friends do but at the same time, I don't want him to turn around and say I led him on. Because, lets face it, this guy has a warped idea of boy-girl friendships. I can't change the way he thinks and he can't change mine.

Ah well, can't have 'em all.

Men aside, I read something really interesting in The Star today. Howard University student Jillian Clarke won an Ig Nobel Prize for her 'five-second rule' on dropped food. Get this: Food on the floor is safe to eat as long as it hasn't been on the ground for more than five seconds. Haha, how cool! The bacteria apparently 'jumps' on the food within these five seconds so the longer its on the floor, the dirtier it gets. And, for the record, women are more likely than men to eat food retrieved from the floor.

Proof that we can be just as gross, yeah!

I've eaten a lemon cheesecake off the floor before. Can anyone top that?

And here's what's on the radio right now...
"When you're gone, baby it's time to move on..."
-Kotak Mancis 20 aka Matchbox 20, When You're Gone

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Pringles, Chewies and Chocolates

I'm such an oinker. I realise i haven't stopped munching/chewing/swallowing since i came into work this morning! And it's only 1pm mind you. Lunch time....Gee, more reason to eat!
Let's see, this morning i had a simple breakfast of eggs on toast and a glass of water. When I got into the office, I could smell sandwiches and lo and behold, my colleague, Haw (pronounced How) was making a gorgeous number: toasted bread filled with peppered sausages, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. Yum. He offered me a piece. I couldn't refuse. To add crunch, I enjoyed the sandwich with a handful of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles....Yummers.

When i was done with that, I needed something sweet. Dig, dig, dig my bag and find a box of Mentos Plus Orange Juice chewies. Oh and Cadbury Crunchie Nuggets (which is staring back at me right now...). An hour later - yes ladies and gentlemen, only 60 minutes later - I whip out a packet of soup (u know those just add water types) and I'm treating myself to some Chicken Noodle broth.

From then until now, I've been popping a combination of pringles, chewies and chocolates into my mouth. Yes i'm starting to feel sick but it doesn't end there, noooooooo far from it. Today our GM decides to treat the whole office to buckets of KFC! Darn. Too hard to resist. So i chew on a drumstick and decide that's enough for the day. But Haw's just run out to buy Cheesy Wedges (my favouritest food from KFC!) . I really should stop eating. I dunno why i'm bingeing like this. PMS? Not that time of the month yet. I'm just feeling greedy. Ok ok, after the cheesy wedges i'm gonna stop eating.

Thing is, I'm dying for a Coke right now.

"Food glorious food!"
- from the musical Oliver!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My boss, Collyn, and I at the 18th Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon. Posted by Hello

Sneezy Tuesday.

I can't stop sneezing. And my nose is running. And my eyes are watery and puffy and about to pop out. So yes, I look extremely attractive right now and to top it off, I'm at work. What a great way to start the morning.

The weather has been merciless lately. Strong winds, heavy and sudden rains ever few hours. Needless to say, it's a bitch to go out and the price of seafood just went up. Newspaper reports say it's going to last another two to three days at least. Excellent.

I'm still recuperating from my mountain trip over the weekend. I don't feel so tired anymore but still lazy to report for work, heh heh. Can you blame me? Since Friday, we've been having four a.m wake up calls, working in cold, COLD, wet and slippery conditions and to top it off, boozing sessions every night. So if you do the math: wake up at four, work till evening, booze till 3am...that leaves, hmm, an hour of sleep each day.

My idea of living dangerously, haha.

Yesterday -bloody Monday- was a blur. Just couldn't wait to go home and shut down for the rest of the day. Today I plan to be productive. Sorta. I've got loads of articles to compile and write for November's issue and the deadline's approaching. Still haven't done much. Hmm.

Also living dangerously here.

"I'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly,
I'll do what it takes till i touch the sky
And i'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change.
And breakaway."
- Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway.

Pretty cool tune. Didja know it was written by Avril Lavigne? Little fact for the day.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Back back back!

Can't believe i've been out-of-blog this long. Been having problems with the blogger account. Get this: Apparently i have TWO accounts. Now, unless my pet toyol opened another account without my knowledge, I swear by my cat's nine lives (may she rest in peace) that I have only ONE account. I had to write in to the blogger help desk three times before I finally solved the problem.

Good to be back anyway.

Dunno where to begin since so much has been said and done over the last few weeks. Work's kept me busy. In fact, I'm off to Mount Kinabalu for the annual Climbathon - The World's Toughest Mountain Race (enter trumpets and horns). So this weekend I'll be freezing my ass off and knowing my luck, it's gonna rain. On a brighter note, I know there's gonna be booze,heh heh. Life is good after all.

Oh, before i forget, a big congratulations to Pu and family on the arrival of their newest addition, Shannon Lissa. Welcome to Kelab Aunty Kota Kinabalu (KAKK). This lifetime membership gives you the permission to spoil your nieces and nephews rotten, teach them stuff (when Francine was only four, she could already whip out a pretend gun and say "Freeze FBI!" - so clever. Just like the auntie) and relive the joy of being a kid again.

"Of all the things I deserve, for being such a good girl..."
- Underneath Your Clothes, Shakira. Yeah, the radio's on...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Burn, baby, burn.

I spent National Day at Manukan island. I lounged on the sand, enjoyed the South China Sea and had an amazing time just soaking up what the island had to offer. All this just 15 minutes away from the city...How can you not love KK? I made a mental note to spend more 'quality time' with the islands. I had fun writing my name in the sand, looking for fishies, skipping stones on the water (it's all in the wrist) and reading Coelho's 'Eleven Minutes' while roasting under the sun. You know, i kept applying tanning oil every few minutes and turning over to get an even colour. I felt like a lamb roasting over an open fire...You know how you keep turning it around? heh heh. Maybe i'll finally get a tan. Oh, speaking of which, i tried my very best to get some colour whilst on the island. I dunno about colour but i have a nasty burn on my shoulder. Ah well.

By the way, i must apologise for the blah-ness of my blog. I still haven't bothered to to learn how to add links etc etc. Been trying to figure out how to add the links to Sellie's and Yollie's blogs. Yeah i'm so damn sakai, i know.

Am sitting in the office, and here's what Alicia's talking about right now.

"I keep on falling in and out of love with you.
I never loved someone, way that I love you."
Miss Keys.

Ok my sunburn's killing me. over n out.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Pieces of me.

Oh, feels like I can finally rest my head on something real,
I like the way it feels.....
- Ashlee "at-least-i-know-what-tuna-tastes-like" Simpson, the smarter one of the Simpson sisters.

Damn song's been ringing in my head and then it comes on the radio. Today is Monday but it's not so bad because tomorrow's a public holiday. Merdeka! Do i have a Malaysian flag hanging from my car? No. Not because i'm not patriotic but i think it's distracting and unflattering. But, i do have a nice one perched on my office table. How about that? :)

I was watching the Merdeka day ads on TV. And yes, Petronas has come up with a winner as usual. You know the ad, the one that makes you kinda teary eyed at the end and you try to be cool by saying, "Yeah that wasn't bad for a Malaysian ad *sniff, something in my eye...mumble mumble*"
There may be some Malaysian habits and attitudes we could do without (like Princess Yo's F.Idiot mentality for one and lousy service at government departments ...) but there are some cool things we tend to overlook. Here's a short list from the top of my head:

1) No natural disasters: sure we get the occassional strong winds but that's wimpy compared to an earthquake.

2) We don't live in a war zone: i need to explain this?

3) We're not poverty-stricken: We're spoiled. "What? Sabah doesn't have a Starbucks??? Bah, die lah..."

4)The weather: Yes, you heard me. I'll take the blazing sun over the bloody Melbourne '4-seasons-in- a-day' anytime.

That's what comes to mind anyway. Yeah, maybe i'm feeling a bit sentimental about my country after all....

Happy Merdeka.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Long Week

I dreamt of my blog last night. And realised i almost forgot about it. I've been fiddling with it for a while but i think i'm gonna need some experienced blogger to help me out one of these days (1-800-SelTheBlogmeister).

Yes it's been a long week and the weekend isn't even here yet. I've been dealing with some shite people at work. Not my colleagues, more like clients. Ugh. I go home exhausted these days and I wake up feeling like i never really slept. That sucks.

I flashed a couple of strangers two days ago. I was reaching for a parking ticket at the Waterfront (they built the machine so darn high that you literally have to wind down the window and open the car door and stretttttch to reach for it...but anyway...) and as i got back in my seat and shifted into first gear, I felt a draft. I looked down to see my shiny black bra smiling back at me. I asked my cuzin Mia, sitting beside me, how long my shirt's been undone. She said, "Ha? I thought you were wearing something on the inside! I noticed it was unbuttoned but..."

So yeah, my boobies enjoyed their brief breath of fresh air and i bet the parking attendants weren't smiling at me because they were being 'friendly'.

Sigh, and the adventures continue.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Today it begins.

Greetings all. And so my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I have my own blog...Hooray! No more sleepless nights...Hooray! Now the whole world can read my innermost rants and raves...Hoo...wait a minute.

This is cheaper than getting a therapist, wouldn't you say?

I'll be back when I've got more things to say. I'm gonna fiddle around here for a while....Hmm, i wonder what happens when i click this...?