Thursday, September 30, 2004

Back back back!

Can't believe i've been out-of-blog this long. Been having problems with the blogger account. Get this: Apparently i have TWO accounts. Now, unless my pet toyol opened another account without my knowledge, I swear by my cat's nine lives (may she rest in peace) that I have only ONE account. I had to write in to the blogger help desk three times before I finally solved the problem.

Good to be back anyway.

Dunno where to begin since so much has been said and done over the last few weeks. Work's kept me busy. In fact, I'm off to Mount Kinabalu for the annual Climbathon - The World's Toughest Mountain Race (enter trumpets and horns). So this weekend I'll be freezing my ass off and knowing my luck, it's gonna rain. On a brighter note, I know there's gonna be booze,heh heh. Life is good after all.

Oh, before i forget, a big congratulations to Pu and family on the arrival of their newest addition, Shannon Lissa. Welcome to Kelab Aunty Kota Kinabalu (KAKK). This lifetime membership gives you the permission to spoil your nieces and nephews rotten, teach them stuff (when Francine was only four, she could already whip out a pretend gun and say "Freeze FBI!" - so clever. Just like the auntie) and relive the joy of being a kid again.

"Of all the things I deserve, for being such a good girl..."
- Underneath Your Clothes, Shakira. Yeah, the radio's on...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Burn, baby, burn.

I spent National Day at Manukan island. I lounged on the sand, enjoyed the South China Sea and had an amazing time just soaking up what the island had to offer. All this just 15 minutes away from the city...How can you not love KK? I made a mental note to spend more 'quality time' with the islands. I had fun writing my name in the sand, looking for fishies, skipping stones on the water (it's all in the wrist) and reading Coelho's 'Eleven Minutes' while roasting under the sun. You know, i kept applying tanning oil every few minutes and turning over to get an even colour. I felt like a lamb roasting over an open fire...You know how you keep turning it around? heh heh. Maybe i'll finally get a tan. Oh, speaking of which, i tried my very best to get some colour whilst on the island. I dunno about colour but i have a nasty burn on my shoulder. Ah well.

By the way, i must apologise for the blah-ness of my blog. I still haven't bothered to to learn how to add links etc etc. Been trying to figure out how to add the links to Sellie's and Yollie's blogs. Yeah i'm so damn sakai, i know.

Am sitting in the office, and here's what Alicia's talking about right now.

"I keep on falling in and out of love with you.
I never loved someone, way that I love you."
Miss Keys.

Ok my sunburn's killing me. over n out.