Monday, January 31, 2005

Pain in the neck.

Literally. I somehow managed to rest my head in the wrong position on Saturday night and woke up with strained muscle in my neck. It's Monday morning and it feels worse than ever. Any remedies? My colleague told me to place my pillows under the sun.


Any OTHER remedies? Did you realise January has just come and gone? February begins tomorrow. It's madness i tell you! Next thing you know it's the middle of the year, and then it's October and then it's Christmas. And then I'm a year older. Ah crap.

On other updates...I've chopped my hair off. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, i've finally gone and done it. It was a long time coming. Getting bored of my long hair (which i tend to put up at work everyday anyway). I look younger (this could work to both my advantage and disadvantage mind you) but i don't regret doing it. Nothing beats fuss free hair.

I bought the lottery yesterday. And no i didn't win. I was off by ONE number, dagnamit. I was thisclose to winning at least RM200 - hey it's a start. I'm just gonna keep buying the same numbers...It's gotta come out somehow right?

Anyway, i've got a meeting to attend to (i feel the yawns coming on...). Maybe i'll win a trip to Europe or something in the next few hours: maybe then i'll have something more interesting to blog about. Hey it's monday...can you blame me?

"It's just another manic monday...I wish it was Sunday...The 'I-don't-have-to-run' day..."
- Manic Monday by The Bangles (i think. I'm pretty sure the band name starts with a 'B' though...)

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Yo blogged about money today. Which got me thinking. Which led to blogging. Anyway, I share her sentiment on saving. It never seems enough, does it? I save dutifully but whenever I calculate how much I’ll save in a year, I get depressed again. There has to be another way (ways that won’t land me in prison, mind you).

March is the worst month for me. On top of the other payments, my car insurance payment is due as well. That’s when I dip into my savings (which was put aside for the car insurance anyway) and I’m back to square one. Ouch. How in the world am I gonna save up to get my own place at this rate? I could look for a better paying job but I doubt it will be a ‘better’ job in terms of satisfaction. I love what I do and I get along great with my colleagues. My hours are reasonable. There’s no way I’d leave all this right now. Maybe a couple more years. Or unless some really amazing opportunity comes along. Or I win the lottery. Yeah and maybe I’ll sprout wings and fly over the moon.

But seriously, a better paying job would be great. Or even better, THIS job but better pay. Wow, I’m a genius. If only it was that simple. I’ve contemplated giving tuition to secondary school students and doing more freelance writing. I’ve done the latter but the former requires commitment and dedication (hey, my evenings rearranging my CDs and talking to my cat are very precious okay…) Sigh, how now purple cow?

I’ve been careful with money. In fact, I even cancelled the Bangkok trip and opted for a cheaper alternative: a weekend at Kinabalu National Park. Which turned out to be a fantastic weekend despite the fact it was a bit too cold for my liking, especially after the sun went down. We barbecued at the cabin’s balcony, huddled around the fireplace and conquered the world – we were playing ‘Risk’ actually but some people were SERIOUS about taking over the territories of Irkutsk and Madagascar, ehem (ok, as I recall, I think I fell asleep by the fireplace whilst the rest of my holiday buddies played Risk. It was just too cold, can you blame me?)
Anyway, watch this space for more bright money-making ideas. And hey, I might just win the lottery…

“If I were a rich girl…I’d have all the money the world, if I was a wealthy girl.”
- Rich Girl, Gwen Stefani stating the obvious.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sneezy Thursday

I hate it when my nose is itchy. I feel like plucking it off my face and scratching it till its red and raw. And now my eyes are itchy. Ah crap. I'm allergic to everything except snow. Oh wait...Maybe i AM allergic to snow.

Today is one of those days where you don't see the point of coming to work. Everyone's already in holiday mood, thanks to the long weekend. I can't wait :) I'm going for a run after work. I only started this week and, fingers crossed, I stick to it this time. I think running in the park beats being in a stuffy gym. Although at some point when i do my body toning, i might have to hit the gym again. But right now, I'm working at improving my stamina and getting my circulation going. I think i need to lose five kilos. If i was taller, i'd only have to shed two but darn my short genes! But we'll see what happens. Hell, i'd be happy if i lost only two kilos at this point. Five might be ambitious. Watch this space for more updates on The Life and Times of Mel's Great Weight Debate.

That said, I love to eat. Love, love, love and proud of it. I'd rather work out extra hard than give up on my favourite food. Which, in no particular order, include:

1. Pasta. omg, a must have at least once a month. Where? Little Italy of course. Fettucine Boscaiola, a side of bruschetta and red wine. Yum.

2. Japanese. I only developed a love for this a couple of years ago. Nowadays, i crave for little pieces fo raw fish dipped in green mustard and soya sauce.

3. Dad's cooking. I grew up thinking all men can cook, thanks to my dad. He is the BEST cook in the world and friends who've had dinner at my place can attest to that. His specialities include Crab cooked in special sweet and sour sauce, tapai (local rice wine) chicken soup (the more ginger the better!), Chicken cooked with tumeric (my all time fave), steamed fish with ginger. (Meals come with white rice and dessert is served with a side order of my dad's lame jokes. Call 555-eatliketheresnotomorrow)

4. Bah Kut Teh. Herbal goodness, steaming and ready to eat. Best served on a rainy day. Oh, but no innards for me, thanks.

5. Nasi lemak. Still searching for the best in the world but somehow those RM0.50 per packet ones are the yummiest.

6. Baked potatoes with creamy chicken in mayo and sour cream.

7. brownies fresh from the oven.

8. Fat juicy steak with black pepper sauce, side dish of potatoes -mashed, baked, u name it - and fresh veggies. Who said balanced meals were boring?

9. Bacon and eggs. Back to basics.

10. Creamy soup. There's something soothing about soup. Oh and served with garlic bread so you can dip it in your soup. mmm.

I could go on but i'm getting hungry. Darn it. Oh, and Burger King burgers! Better than McD's (enter hate mail). Hey, in fact i think i'll treat myself to a Whopper for dinner, right after my run.

Yeah i know, five kilos my foot.

"I'm not your superwoman, I'm not the kind of girl, that you can let down, and think that everything's okay..."
- Karen White on being a Superwoman.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

blink, blink, blink

It’s exactly 8am and I’m blinking rapidly to keep my eyes open. Yawn. I could definitely use more sleep. I stayed up watching the Golden Globes last night – yes people, being awake at 11pm constitutes as ‘staying up’ in my world. But I actually got bored halfway through. Do you notice their thank you speeches are longer than that of the Oscars? But I did enjoy watching Robin Williams winning the Cecil B. Demille award. So funny that guy.

We’ve been experiencing a chill in the air the past week or so. I thought it was just me but everyone else has noted that the air is cooler than usual. The mornings are the worst especially after you step out of the shower. It’s still sunshiny and everything but once you go under the shade and the breeze starts blowing, you’ll feel the cold. I heard that it might have something to do with us getting the Siberian wind. Whatever it is, it sure feels damn weird.

Hmm what else, what else…Ah yes, it’s a four-day week! I’ll be spending the long weekend with some friends at the mountains. We booked a cabin for two nights, far far away from the drudgery of everyday life (and the parental units). I can’t wait, heh. It’s only Tuesday though…sigh.

Anyway, it’s one of those days where writing something this short takes me half an hour. I foresee a LONG day ahead.

“I’m just trying to find a decent melody, a song that I can sing in my own company…”

-Stuck in a Moment, U2. I never get tired of this tune.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Dear I fear we're facing a problem
you love me no longer I know
and maybe there is nothing that I can do
to make you do
Mama tells me I shouldn't bother
that I ought to stick to another man
a man that surely deserves me but I think you do!

So I cry I pray and I beg
Love me love me say that you love me
fool me fool me go on and fool me
love me love me pretend that you love me
leave me leave me just say that you need me
So I cry, and I beg for you to ...
Love me love me say that you love me
leave me leave me just say that you need me
I can't care 'bout anything but you...

Lately I have desperately pondered,
spent my nights awake and I wonder
what I could have done in another way
to make you stay
Reason will not lead to solution
I will end up lost in confusion
I don't care if you really care as long as you don't go.
- The Cardigans.

I hate this whiny song. I hate how this whiny song reminds me of me. There are some days when i just hate being me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Friendster. Eeeevil?

Ok hands up, how many of you check your Friendster account three times a day (seven if you’re bored and ten if you’re bored AND lifeless?). Guilty as charged. Sometimes, I’m amazed at the people I ‘run’ into. People who were 9 years old the last time I saw them. People I used to have lunch with everyday for three years in college and are complete strangers now. People who know people who know people who know you.

And it’s cool how testimonials can say so much about a person (but sometimes I wonder how many were coerced into saying certain things? Hmmm….). But I dunno how being called ‘my favourite slutty friend’ or ‘a dickhead who stole my girlfriend’ is complimentary. Maybe I’m just a prude * shrugs*

But I did come across something interesting. There’s this girl who was friends with this guy (back in June) and not too long later, they’re an item – they still are by the way. But if you visit his page and read a testimonial dated in April, he was engaged to some other girl. It was like, “Hey ladies, stay away from my man cuz he’s so taken! Good thing we’re engaged *insert gushy mushy stuff here* I was like, wow, you can discover someone’s whole relationship history on Friendster!

And then there are pages where the guy’s friend list is made up of girls that fall under three categories: pretty, pretty nice and pretty nice assets. You get the pic.

And have you been to Hi5? Another one of those sites (and yes, I have an account, so sue me). Everything was fine and dandy until I got an invite from a dude called Shamseer. See, other people either put a photo of their ugly mug or some cutesy soft toy. Or some prefer Japanese anime or a celebrity because in some other parallel universe, they just KNOW they look that good (and in that world, I’m five feet ten and Johnny Depp wants to marry me).

But Shamseer here puts a photo of his dick.

Ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not…This guy takes a photo of his penis and pastes in on a network website. Ya ya ya I know, some people have said, “How’d you know it’s his penis?”
People…I don’t CARE whose penis it is!!! I don’t like anyone’s penis to greet me on a so-called friendly networking website, full stop.

And here’s his message, ehem: “If you like how good my penis looks, wait till you see my face.”

Ok first up, dude, zero brownie points for the penis photo. Second, you’re on the wrong site, you might wanna check out And third…Do I really need a third reason?

I couldn’t click the ‘Reject’ button faster.

Maybe I am a prude.

"You make me wanna la la, on the kitchen on the floor, I'll be your french maid, when i meet you at the door..."
- Ashlee Simpson, bring the term 'La La' to whole new level.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Ode to a quiet weekend.

Ah Saturday,
You landed on my lap like large tabby cat,
Waiting for its chin to be stroked,
Purring in satisfaction, body limp in ecstasy.
Stillness. Absolutely still.
Except for the occasional yawn.
Ah Saturday,
Curse the DVD player!
For it has made me one with couch,
Embedded within its soft crevices,
Enveloping my every fibre with its skin.
Tim Tams, within reach.
One, two and soon, I have engulfed them.
As much as they have engulfed me.
The moon rises but I do not.
I escape into a realm of assassins,
Wolves, a bastard and a Fool.
Only 196 pages to go…

But, blast, Sunday!
Oh how you have sneaked up upon me.
I dread to think of the nothingness that lies before me.
And yet, I anticipate it like a blood-sucking tick
Awaits its host.
Again I am drawn to the comforts of the couch,
Eyes ablaze as the idiot box challenges me to a staring contest.
None the champion, I fear. (But I am the idiot, for that I am sure).
Is that food that beckons me?
Oh Sunday, how you bring purpose to my life once again!
Fulfilled I am. Fulfilled to the core.
But my Tim Tams are no more.
And so I retrieve to my feline, who stares at me, glares at me.
For there are bowls to be filled and crap to be cleaned.
Ah the travesty of my so-called existence…
Is this where my destiny lies?
“Meow,” says he. I sigh. Perhaps he is right.
The phone rings. I talk. We talk.
Of nothings and know-hows.
Of Saturdays and Sundays.
Of how next weekend shall bear more fruits.

And in the distance…
The world decides to shit on me,

And lo, Monday.

"I can't stand to fly. I'm not that naive. I'm just trying to find. The better part of me..."
-Superman, Five for Fighting.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Christmas goodies.

Didja enjoy your Christmas pressies? i got some of the usual ho-hum gifts (ya ya i know it's the thought that counts/tis the season of giving bla bla but this is my blog so i'll be pretentious if i want to...Hey using the word 'pretentious' sounds pretentious doesn't it? doh! i did it again!)

Ok anyway, one of my favourite gifts was a Sonic Control Cat in the Bag. "What the...?" i hear you say. a-ha, behold:

"Cat's love bags don't they? Not this one! Experience the shaking and wild meowing of this frisky feline whenever you squeeze the bag, press the tail or clap your hands (sonic control). Requires 3"AA" size batteries (included). You must first turn on the power switch on the battery box to begin the fun." quote unquote.

Ah yes, endless fun i tell you. I've annoyed the hell out of my sister and colleagues. It's on my table as we speak. How about that for an original gift? (courtesy of my office mate, Haw, who makes prank phone calls to my extension just because he can).

Oh, but special mention to THE gift of the year. Ehem. Laydees and germs, please say hello to Mel's brrrrrand nuuuuu handphone!!! Yep, those who have seen my recently deceased handphone can breathe a sigh of relief. It was in a really sorry state if you recall - casing chipped and numbers completly erased from the keypad. And sometimes, on a cold winter's night, some button's don't work at all. Oh and static is to die for. Literally.

But back to my new phone. It's a nokia -ehem, of course- and one of those flip thingies. I've never had a flip phone. Such a ground-breaking moment when i made that first flip and the screen lit up. Ok, so it's not THAT practical (it does feel more fragile) but i LIKE.

So there.

Plus Lester gave it to me. Even if it was a bright yellow walkie-talkie that operates on AA batteries, it would've been the best gift ever (but, er thanks hon for NOT getting me a walkie talkie. muah). And it's static free. heh. Me likey.

Today i've been surfing the net for accommodation in Bangkok. Yep, planning to go there this March for some holidaying. Ok ok and to shop. Anyone got any recommendations? It's gotta be cheap, strategically located, clean, safe and er...yeah that's about it for now.

Ok i get to leave this place in fifteen minutes. Are you still stuck at work? muahaha.

"Well everything's meant to be broken, i just want you to know who i am..."
- Goo Goo Dolls, Iris. hmm, haven't heard this in a while...

Monday, January 03, 2005

Today, a cat...Tomorrow, the world!

Happy new year. Resolutions, smesho-lutions. I didn’t bother making any, although I did promise myself to hit the gym (or do some form of sweat-inducing activity) more often. But just the thought of it is enough to make me crawl back into bed. Yes I’m a lazy slob, sue me.

Oh wait, announcement on the way: I HAVE A CAT! Yes, ladies and gents, the pussy has landed. His name is Gaya (bought him in Gaya Street on a hot Sunday morning) and is a mixed breed of Siamese and some Japanese pedigree. Absolutely adorable at 5 months old. So cute, I could just eat him (which is just wrong, I know). Ok, will post pics of him once I get a digi camera up and running.

I spent New Year’s Day nursing a cold. I should’ve known I was getting sick with all that sneezing and sniffling the day before. Sunday I totally forgot about being sick cuz I was busy running around tending to my new baby. And today, back in the office, my nose is impersonating a leaky faucet once again. Not the nicest of feelings plus the air-conditioning is as helpful as a block of ice warming me up on a winter’s day. I dunno how long I’m gonna last….And it’s only 9:15am. Darn.

So another year huh? I’m filled with both dread and anticipation. I mean, at this stage in life, I’m not sure what I’m working towards. Yes that’s sounds a bit hopeless but think about it. When we were in college and uni, every year was like, “Another two/three semesters till I graduate.” And then it was about looking for a job, followed by ‘discovering the exciting world’ of the working adult. And then there’s looking for greener pastures. Three years later, it’s pretty much ‘get the job done, go home and watch TV’. At this point, I’m not looking to being promoted yet and I don’t want a new job because I’m happy with this one. I guess I’m saving towards buying my own house. That’s good enough for now I suppose.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow
You’re only a day away.”

- ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie