Friday, January 23, 2009

Pulling the plug.

My friend finally quit her hair-pulling, teeth-gritting job. And I am so damn proud of her. It took her a while to finally pull the plug on her miserable job but I understand it's because she had a lot to consider - her husband and a family to support. But when push came to shove, it just took a toll on her and she finally said, "Job be damned."

Amen to that.

The job was pulling her down in more ways than one, sometimes in ways she didn't even notice. Her self-esteem was at an all time low, thanks to her egoistical, selfish and self-righteous employers. Going to work everyday was like anticipating a root canal appointment and I could just hear it in her voice. And she also had a baby on the way amidst the frustration.

So yes, she's finally leaving that hell-hole and I am so happy for her. Nobody deserves to have a Groundhog Day moment with their shit jobs. And it made me realise how many people HATE their jobs. If I got 20 cents for every time I hear, "I hate my boss! I hate my job! I dread going in tomorrow!", I'd be a millionaire by now.

Why do we let our jobs consume us? Our work should not define us - It's merely to make ends meet. Some people are so proud to say, "Oh wow, I pulled an all-nighter in the office" or "I bring my work home every night" - And they get defensive saying, "Hey, i have a lot of work and I can't finish it all at the office." Bah, ok lah. But when it becomes a habit, it's just plain sad. Isn't it enough we spend 9 hours a day, five days a week on an average, in the office? And I am in an industry where weekends are filled with entertaining people and attending mindless dinners where the conversations revolve around the superficial 'how are yous' and air kisses. Please.

I cannot fathom waking up filled with dread every morning at the thought of performing my duty. Walking into a building where I have to deal with idiots as co-workers all day. Or a boss whose sole purpose in life seems to be seeing how loud she or he can shout at his employees today. I know it's utopian but your job should be something you feel a sense of pride in. Something you feel committed to. Something you actually give a damn about. And I am not prejudiced - because even if that job is scooping poop off the sidewalk, I say DO IT if it makes you happy. Yes, get a job that pays the bills but seriously, that SHIT job you have right now, the one that makes you feel like the grime at the bottom of your shoe...Do you really think that's the ONLY job in world that's gonna help you make ends meet?

Don't start that "But the economy is so bad right now..." bullshit with me. I'm not asking you to quit your job and apply to be America's Next Top Model. Just consider the thought that no job is worth the misery you put yourself through, day in day out. Life is too short as it is and to be spending a majority of your time in an environment that's going to shorten your life even more....It's just no way to live.

You don't have to LOVE your job, just don't stay in one that you hate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Oh yes, I've kept myself busy. Or actually, life has a way of keeping you busy when you least expect it. So here's what's been happening,in random order, chronicled by my camera:

I'm so addicted to these. I don't know the name of these cookies but it's a type of Chinese New Year goodie. And my oh my, what a goodie it is. It's deep fried to perfection and smothered in some icing sugar thing. Painfully delicious. It's RM16.00 a tub but I got it free from the kedai kopi I was doing a review on. So nice the auntie.

Oooh a hen's night! One of my oldest friends, Michelle (she's the one in white) got married recently but prior to that, we had a lil' party for her. Dinner at Little Italy and then to Rumba. But alas, our hopes to get her stinking drunk was to no avail: Our bride-to-be was alcohol-free. And the Maid of Honour was on medication so NEITHER of them drank. Which of course resulted in the rest of us drinking. Say it with me: Backfire.

Alcohol or not, PAR-TAY was on the cards. My cousin Vanessa (better known as Chombe - that's pronounced ch-om-bay) going John Travolta on the left and Grace, the (wrongfully sober!) maid of honour, in the middle.

Congratulasi Michelle!

There was a NO BOYS rule but since we didn't exactly own the club...Look who we bumped into!

Ah yes. For Christmas, I decided to educate my nieces with this t-shirt.

Mi familia. So happilia. Post dinner at my sister's place during Christmas. This year I was the only one who didn't make the annual 'Christmas Speech' at the table. We have a tradition where everyone has to say something to the family on Christmas Day - usually a round of "I am grateful for..." and "I'm sorry for being a pain but I love you all". I was just too emo to say anything and was glad when my dad let me skip it this year.

So many people keep telling how much my sister and I DON'T look alike. But I think it's there. She's the only sister I've got and I love her to bits.

Haw's back! And in the spirit of Christmas, we had him over for dinner. Welcome home, Hawding.

I met up with my chicas! Well, missing a few more but I guess you can't have 'em all. Puei (left) is glowing with baby on the way and Carol is still the Professor of Crotchology (right). nyahaha.

My cousin Daphne (middle) got engaged on Boxing Day. To think I still envision her in her brown and beige kindergarten smock. And now she's gonna be somebody's Mrs. In the words of aunties all around the world, "Waaaah so big oredi!"

Peace out, y'all. More on the Fabulous Life and Times of the Fridaycat coming your way!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wake-up call.

Wake-up calls come in all shapes and sizes. Mine came in the form of a medical report.

It's been an unfortunate month to say the least, hence the silence. I lost my wallet (highly suspect that it was stolen while I was in the gym) and over the weekend, someone did a hit and run number on my car. And then the medical report.

Strangely, I feel alright. Mishap after mishap, I've taken it in stride and if anything, I realised over the weekend, I've been sweating over the small things too often. Suddenly, lost wallets and banged up cars seem so trivial. What if I've been whining about the silliest things the past year while my life was slowly slipping away?

I am afraid. But as someone said on Grey's Anatomy (ya, trust me to quote TV at times like these), fear is good because it means you still have something to lose. It means you WANT to live. I refuse to let my mind get carried away but you can't blame me for imagining the worst. And the waiting. It kills me.

I am afraid. Because my life hasn't even started and I've wasted so much time. So I am going to let this wake-up call change my life in more ways than one. Happiness and time are so fleeting. Last weekend I realised there is a fate worse than death...

And that is not living your life when you had the chance to.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday frenzy. And then some.

I just thought I'd post a random photo today. I'm so glad I have my giflfriends to play futsal with every Thursday. It keeps us sane, sweaty and sex-ay!
Yesterday was another excellent session and win or lose, we always have such a fun time - injuries and scrapes aside. Classic futsal moment for the week:

Maps (from the sidelines): Missy! Block, block! (seeing the other team heading towards the goal)
Me: *panicking. runs towards the goal where Diana, the goalie (she's no. 8 in the pic above) is. But alas, the rival team scores*
Maps: Block the goal NOT Diana! (I turn to realise I was standing RIGHT in front of the goalie. BODO).

Hahahahahahaha, ok I was an idiot but it was still damn funny.

So it's Friday. I started the morning quite refreshed - probably because I went to bed at 10pm the night before. And I VOW to myself to get at least 3 articles done by today. But the minute I step into the office, it's e-mail after e-mail, request after request and filing after filing. Next thing you know, it's almost 11:30am and I have yet to write my first paragraph. Ok, breathe. All is not lost - There's still the afternoon to spare. And yes, I'm blogging because I need to get my writing engines running.
I've been going to the gym - as promised! - and I have my very own gym buddy/trainer. V is one of my favourite people in the world but she is a tyrant in the gym! But I say this with all respect and admiration of course. I figured, "Ah ok, i'll just do the treadmill for half an hour, use one of the fancy schmancy equipments and just lounge in the jacuzzi after that."

Not if V has her way.
She's been going to the gym much longer than me, that's for certain and her solid body is a testament to this. She's been showing me how to do weight training and thanks to her, I've discovered muscles I didn't know I had, haha! After 2 and a half hours in the gym, 3 days a week, with this woman, needless to say, I'm pretty sore in several regions. But on a good note, I do notice my stamina is improving and I feel more energized throughout the day. The only problem? I get SO hungry after each workout. Oink oink. Friday is another gym day. Wish me luck.

On another note, Chinese New Year is around the corner which means INCOMING RED PACKETS! I'm telling you: It literally PAYS to be unmarried these days. With this, I embrace thee oh singledom...

And the dosh comes in at the best time. Mel is packing her bags! Here's a hint:

Jangan jeles. One step in my resolution to have a fabulous year and to see more than the four walls of KK to keep myself sane.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

"This year is yours."

It was the sms that started my year off right.

It struck me not as a statement. Not as a suggestion. Not a hopeful wish. But a prophecy. A foresight. Something that is to BE, no questions, no doubts. How empowering!

If 2008 was the year that knocked me down, 2009 will be the year to pick myself up. It IS my year. A year where I will put myself first, above all others. And even if I have to knock some people down, lose some (toxic) people in my life and unleash my inner bitch, I promise myself this will be THE year to get there.

I've decided it's not important for people to like me or approve of me. What matters most is for me to be happy. Even at the cost of making others unhappy, I insist on being happy. Enough with the people-pleasing. Enough with putting someone else's needs first. And I'm done with being obedient, dutiful and considerate. Geez, why don't you just bind my oriental feet already?

So that aside, I've got tons on my plate lined-up for the year and I am so fucking excited about it. Ah 2009, how do i love thee? Let me count the ways:

1.I've finally joined a gym.

2. I'm starting to write my book this year.

3. I am making plans to travel -I already have Perhentian on the list come CNY, but I might switch that to Phuket, pending budget constraints. Also in the pipeline: KL to visit my friends and shop like the world is ending, either Bali or Siem Reap and definitely happening this year, MANILA!

4. In that light, I'm back as Editor which means...MORE TRAVEL FOR WORK! I'm doing Mabul come Feb/March and gonna re-visit some oldies but goodies just for inspirations' sake - Kudat, Tawau, Sandakan, the mountain, jungle hiking, Miki Survival Camp (still thinking bout this one, leeches freak me out!), Pulau Tiga, deep sea fishing...Bring it on!

5. I am going to lose that stupid, stupid 5 kilos (I've lost two, three more to go!).

6. Make time to read more books.

7. I'm on a mission to save enough money by end of the year so I can quit my job and carve a new path - whatever that may be. (and no, I don't really care who reads this. People die and jobs change. Deal with it)

8. I'm doing a scrapbook. Ok, so this sounds like a menial job but it's symbolic for me.

9. Pick up a new skill - I'm already playing the drums (long way to go before Taylor Hawkins be jammin' with me though...), learn a new language, try a new sport, lick my elbow...Whatever lah, as long as it's new.

10. Change my wardrobe. I dunno if I can pull off leggings but this will be the year I find out!

11. Realise I am WAY above the little people who keep dragging me down. I am beautiful, talented, kind and smart - and nothing they say can ever change that. BOO to you, you sonofabitch, for making me feel otherwise all year round.

This year is mine.