Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Signs and wonders

I believe in signs. Signs are the universe's way of giving us a nudge, a push or motivation to make decisions in life. The universe can't spell it out - that would be too easy. Where's the fun in knowing all the time, right?

Two of my potential projects fell through, my long-term contract with a client just ended and another decided not to use my services. I know setbacks are a normal part of any career and things don't always fall into place. But when they all seem to happen at the same time, it makes you wonder - is this a sign? It's suddenly very quiet and while I relish the unexpected free time, I am craving to be intellectually stimulated. To be creatively challenged. To experience the rush of achievement and satisfaction. On the flip side, I am extremely grateful that the peace and quiet in my life at this very moment is allowing me to write as I please. Not for work, but for my soul. Writing keeps me going when everything else seems to have stalled. It is the constant motion in my life. It's the only room in my life where I can scream, shout, exclaim and express as I please. Even if the only reader is me.

So why am I granted this stillness in my life right now? Why am I presented with setbacks? Why is it when I turn on the news or log into Facebook, all I read about is political unrest in my country or a kidnapping happening just 10 minutes from where I live? There are so many push factors. Is this the future I want for myself and my family? Is this the country where my legacy will thrive? Many incidents and realities are pointing to the negative. God-willing, I have another 50 years to go in this lifetime and I believe there is still for me to make something out of it. I don't want to be 'happy enough'. I want to wake up every morning and be glad that I made smart decisions in life. Maybe this is the time to plan for a fresh start and find the awakening stirring inside of me.

Signs and wonders. I believe the universe speaks to us everyday. How many of us are really listening?