Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flutter by, butterfly

Flutter by, butterfly
You rest upon me so swiftly
even before I can admire your wings
your grace, your dance

Flutter by, butterfly
You flew away too soon
without so much as a graze upon my cheek
or whisper upon my skin

Flutter by, butterfly
I knew you could not stay
You ride the passing breeze
and turn to say goodbye

Flutter by, butterfly
you were not meant to be
I know you'll flutter by again someday
As butterflies always do

Flutter by, butterfly
Our tears will dry, you'll see
I'll hold you close again, my child
but for now, fly high

fly free.

I thank the Lord for giving me such joy even though so briefly. Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, July 04, 2011


Sometimes, it's okay to not read classics and just flip through another man-centric issue of Cosmopolitan.

Sometimes, it's okay to not know the GDP of Myanmar or the birth rate of India.

Sometimes, it's okay to not have an opinion about which political party could potentially lead the way for our country.

Sometimes, it's okay to confuse Michelin 3-star gourmet ratings and Michelin tyres.

Sometimes, it's okay that you're not sure how to spell exaggerrate...exageratte...exagger...?

Sometimes, it's okay to not want to spend a weekend reading to the orphans, volunteering at the animal shelter or sorting your garbage for recycling.

Sometimes, it's okay to toss the gluten-free, tastes-like-rubber muffin out the window and dig into a Big Mac. With fries. And extra mayo.

Sometimes, it's okay to say no simply because you don't want to do it. Even though you could. So don't.

Sometimes, it's okay not to listen to 'musical legends' like the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin or Bob Marley, because frankly, the Spice Girls are more fun.

Sometimes, you need to realise nobody is watching or listening. And if they do, they probably don't care.

It gets so tiring to be so many things to so many people for so many reasons. Economies will not crash, a species will not go extinct and an angel will not lose it's wings if I choose to sit back, drink tea and paint my nails pink.

For just one day.