Sunday, January 27, 2008

Never forgive. Never forget.

Sweeney Todd. I've been waiting forever to watch the movie and I finally did on Saturday. Never mind I had to endure the flow of smelly pilaks, chattering teenagers and the sticky floors of Centrepoint's Growball Cinema: It was Sweeney Todd or nothing for me. (no, the other cinemas were not screening it. Boo to you Cathay and GSC). Anyway, there were plenty of reasons to be excited to watch this movie. One: JOHNNY DEPP. Two: JOHNNY DEPP. Three: get the pic.
Johnny sans eyeliner and crazy hair.

Four: Tim Burton. He is so fantastically weird and I've loved him since his Beetlejuice days.

Five: Helena Bonham-Carter. Any woman who is believable as a monkey (Planet of the Apes in case u forgot) is good in my books. Also the fantastically weird wife of Tim Burton.

Six: It's a musical. I'm a sucker for people breaking out into song every ten minutes. So sue me. And Johnny Depp can sing! Sigh. Me so love.

Seven: It's a period piece with over the top make-up and costumes. And London really looks like shit here.

Eight: The unpredictable ending. Don't expect them to ride into the sunset hand in hand happily ever after, ok.

Nine: Sacha Baron Cohen. Yep it's Borat in tights! You won't be able to miss him.

Ten: Johnny Depp.

Like everything else in life, I suppose preference is subjective. I might like peas and carrots and you might think dog food sounds more appetizing. Same with this movie. Yeah, Sweeney Todd is an acquired taste but I didn't think it was so bad that it warranted people to actually WALK OUT of the cinema halfway.

How stupid is that? And it really annoyed me that everytime they broke out into song, the audience would moan. Hello people. It's a MUSICAL. Educate yourself a bit la before you buy the ticket. If you hate people singing in movies, go watch Rambo. Or if you REALLY wanna waste your time, go and watch Gabriel. Don't ruin the movie experience for the rest of us who actually enjoy musicals or Johnny Depp wearing make-up.

The verdict: It's not everyone's cup of tea. And be warned, it's bloody and surprisingly, the censors went easy on this one. Watch it if you enjoy stuff like Moulin Rouge and Hairspray (duh) except,er, with more blood and people being chopped up and stuffed into pies. Nice.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

To KL and back.

So i spent the past week in KL. It was a much needed holiday, getting away from KK just to clear my mind - ah the irony. What can i say. I hated KL, I loved KL. And now i'm back in KK, tired from my holiday. Heh, just can't win.

On the upside, I met up with my old uni and college friends, some whom I have not seen for almost five years. Things have changed over the years but my friends, bless their souls, have stayed the same.


I've been good, thanks for asking. Just having 'blogger's block' moment. I'm trying to sort out stuff in my life right now. I think I just need some breathing space. Take care peeps. I'll be back.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy new year. And then some.

So, here it is. The new year. I'd love to feel more excited about it but excuse me while I don't. I ended 2007 and started 2008 sick as a dog. I have not been this unwell in the last 365 days and as fate would have it, what a way to start the year.

If this is a sign of what 2008 has in store for me, I'm in a lot of trouble.

Happy new year, folks. I'll be back.