Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have wedding, will abandon blog.

Sorry. My life has progressed (or should I say regressed) into a wedding frenzy. And with that territory comes the volatile mood swings, erratic behaviour and a less than desirable immune system.

To top it off, I've just been majorly duped by a so-called local film produce/writer who conned me into doing two months of work and refuses to pay me my agreed remuneration. Instead she writes out a cheque for a quarter of the amount and says, "I'm sorry, this is all I could afford." Bollocks. Needless to say, I've quit.

I've had quite a few meltdowns but it all came to a head last Sunday with my mum. I know mothers mean well when it comes to weddings but I wish mine would see that all I want to do is get hitched - with or without the 700 guests. So now, we've declared a cold war and I don't see myself thawing out anytime soon. And by some karmic hand, today I reversed my already beat up car into a stationary lorry (which was illegally parked, bloody muthafucka). It shocked the bejesus out of me and I drove home rather shaken. No bodily damage was done but I think that was all it took to completely wear me out. So I spent the day with alcohol, nicotine, my sister and cousins to calm the nerves.

Now, I'm just exhausted. Can someone press the pause button for just one day?