Monday, August 30, 2004

Pieces of me.

Oh, feels like I can finally rest my head on something real,
I like the way it feels.....
- Ashlee "at-least-i-know-what-tuna-tastes-like" Simpson, the smarter one of the Simpson sisters.

Damn song's been ringing in my head and then it comes on the radio. Today is Monday but it's not so bad because tomorrow's a public holiday. Merdeka! Do i have a Malaysian flag hanging from my car? No. Not because i'm not patriotic but i think it's distracting and unflattering. But, i do have a nice one perched on my office table. How about that? :)

I was watching the Merdeka day ads on TV. And yes, Petronas has come up with a winner as usual. You know the ad, the one that makes you kinda teary eyed at the end and you try to be cool by saying, "Yeah that wasn't bad for a Malaysian ad *sniff, something in my eye...mumble mumble*"
There may be some Malaysian habits and attitudes we could do without (like Princess Yo's F.Idiot mentality for one and lousy service at government departments ...) but there are some cool things we tend to overlook. Here's a short list from the top of my head:

1) No natural disasters: sure we get the occassional strong winds but that's wimpy compared to an earthquake.

2) We don't live in a war zone: i need to explain this?

3) We're not poverty-stricken: We're spoiled. "What? Sabah doesn't have a Starbucks??? Bah, die lah..."

4)The weather: Yes, you heard me. I'll take the blazing sun over the bloody Melbourne '4-seasons-in- a-day' anytime.

That's what comes to mind anyway. Yeah, maybe i'm feeling a bit sentimental about my country after all....

Happy Merdeka.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Long Week

I dreamt of my blog last night. And realised i almost forgot about it. I've been fiddling with it for a while but i think i'm gonna need some experienced blogger to help me out one of these days (1-800-SelTheBlogmeister).

Yes it's been a long week and the weekend isn't even here yet. I've been dealing with some shite people at work. Not my colleagues, more like clients. Ugh. I go home exhausted these days and I wake up feeling like i never really slept. That sucks.

I flashed a couple of strangers two days ago. I was reaching for a parking ticket at the Waterfront (they built the machine so darn high that you literally have to wind down the window and open the car door and stretttttch to reach for it...but anyway...) and as i got back in my seat and shifted into first gear, I felt a draft. I looked down to see my shiny black bra smiling back at me. I asked my cuzin Mia, sitting beside me, how long my shirt's been undone. She said, "Ha? I thought you were wearing something on the inside! I noticed it was unbuttoned but..."

So yeah, my boobies enjoyed their brief breath of fresh air and i bet the parking attendants weren't smiling at me because they were being 'friendly'.

Sigh, and the adventures continue.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Today it begins.

Greetings all. And so my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I have my own blog...Hooray! No more sleepless nights...Hooray! Now the whole world can read my innermost rants and raves...Hoo...wait a minute.

This is cheaper than getting a therapist, wouldn't you say?

I'll be back when I've got more things to say. I'm gonna fiddle around here for a while....Hmm, i wonder what happens when i click this...?