Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Random Tuesday

I have not been able to blog into ANY website nor Yahoo IM for the last four days. Do you know what a nightmare it has been???

Thank God for Skype (it was the only one i could log into, strangely) - or else I'd have a ridiculous phone bill coming my way.

Ok, it's Random Tuesday - a day where i will blog whatever comes to mind. Tomorrow I go back to work. Mixed emotions on this one. On one hand, I dread meeting deadlines again. And i really dislike going to last-minute events or evening functions with a bunch of strangers where I have to smile all night, ask "How do you like Sabah?" five million times and pretend I 'really love' the predictable buffet spread. But on a brighter note, I feel well-rested, miss my workmates and am quite inspired to write again. And I bought a new pair of black heels perfect for the office.

They hung Saddam Hussein. Boo to mankind. He wasn't going to win the Noble Peace Prize but to murder a murderer doesn't make the rest of us any better. And what's with showing the sickening footage over and over on tv? Do i really want to see a dying man's last moments as they place the noose around his neck? We have a long way to go.

I worked on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day. The ministry had a party and we were the organisers. I was one of the masters of ceremony for the night and after a few glasses of Chardonnay, I must say everything went quite well (either the crowd was drunk or I was. Ah well). It was a pleasant way to welcome the New Year but i admit somehow i felt a bit lonely - no points for guessing why.

Moo moo and Blanket are sick. I had to take them to vet two days in a row and tomorrow is their last day for shots. They seem to have some blood parasite infection - doesn't sound pleasant does it? - but their fever's gone down and they're finally eating again. My poor babies.

Tonight I'm having dinner with Haw's parents and some of his sister's friends who are visiting from Melbourne. Gotta make sure the hemlines are down and necklines are up, heh heh. Mental note: no tasteless jokes on religion, politics and ethnicity. Wish me luck.

I spring cleaned my bedroom and car. A task that took a little over three hours. I have SO MANY magazines. Yet i cannot find the heart to throw them out. Especially my US, UK and Australia editions. I threw out a bunch of 'bad vibe' junk though - old photos, love letters, useless gifts from Christmas/birthdays past. A girl can only have so many stuffed toys.

I got a wonderful phone call from an old and dear friend who's back in Malaysia for the hols and is heading back to Europe (where he's been backpacking/working in over the last three years). He leads one of the most fascinating lives I know. More about him later :)

Ok, time to get ready for dinner with The Parents. Conveniently, my boyfriend isn't in town so I'll have to brave this on my own. Baby, if this ain't love, you can slap my ass and call me a monkey's uncle.

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