Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello and goodbye

A good friend and my ex-boss, Collyn, is leaving good 'ol KK for Beijing (she's just left, to be exact). Her husband is a golf pro who's been offered a contract there and although we'll miss her lots, greener pastures are too good to resist! Photos from our farewell lunch last week at Toscani's (where else?).

With cheeky Thomas. This is the happiest baby I've ever met!

And surprise surprise, look who dropped by unexpectedly? An old friend from my uni days, Dinesh. He was in town for only a day but he's promised to swing by again, this time with Mrs. Dinesh. He's one of those friends who can make me laugh till my sides ache and is a dying breed of decent males out there - as Murphy's law would have it, he is very much taken, heh heh. Wei, you better come back as promised.


In other updates, I haven't been feeling well. A lovely dose of headaches topped with a sprinkle of nausea. I had a few sips of my noodle soup during lunch and could feel it rising, so i stopped. True enough when I got to the office, I got cozy with the sink. Blergh. I left the office and collapsed into bed for three hours. Tomorrow will be a better day. I hope.

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