Thursday, January 25, 2007

My one true north.

Every now and then, a song pops into my head/radio and it conjures up thoughts of my Haw. When there are days I'm feeling completely lost, I know I have him right there with me - and everything's good again.

You - by Rascal Flatts
Every road that I've been down
The only truth that I have found
There's only one thing I can't live without

I was searching for something
I thought I would never find
Losing my mind
In and out of bad love,
I thought I was born to lose
Then came you
I thought I knew what the real thing was
But nothing shakes me like your love does
I've been hypnotized

Now I realize
Every time I get lost in a temperamental mood
You still stay cool
Just when I think that this life's about to drive me insane
You take the reins
Every time I feel I'm drifting off course
You're my compass, you're my one true north
In a mixed up world
You make sense to me

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