Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Cave.

"Is it wet in here or is it just me?"

So, i went to watch The Cave on Sunday. And no it wasn't about giant cockroaches. Long story short, a group of cave explorers (ok there's a correct terminology here but I can't seem to remember) who have been summoned to explore a 'virgin' cave. Together with three other scientists, they delve into the cave -yes, it's 'mysterious' and 'creepy'- and as the story goes, all hell breaks loose and they can't find their way out. That's the least of their problems because Big Bad Monsters are on the loose and they're vewwy vewwy angwy (or hungry actually). So out of nine people, (spoilers ahead people) three survive and for once, the black dude lives! The Asian guy doesn't by the way but you can't have 'em all. There are a few hotties to look out for. For the girls:

Eddie Cibrian. Gorgeous dimples. Brings a whole new meaning to 'wetsuit'. And for the guys:
"That's one huge-ass cockroach..."

Piper Perabo. Trades her bar-dancing days from Coyote Ugly for a high-powered torchlight and rock-climbing skills. The tough chick of the movie. Spoiler: Don't get too attached to her character, ehem.

Anyway, when the remaining three finally see the light of day, there's still a tiny twist at the end of the movie but even that wasn't enough to convince me that the movie was worth my seven bucks. It's worth three bucks maybe. But not seven. Still, it was alright but I'd recommend that you guys wait for Astro to air it on HBO. I like horror movies, for sure, but I'm more picky with monster flicks. (This from the woman who's seen Anaconda three times).

Ok guys, Happy Merdeka. I'm actually planning a quiet evening with more DVDs. Remember: Malaysia Boleh!

"Every now we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
So don't worry. Be happy."

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