Monday, August 01, 2005


This is an Abyssinian and absolutely gorgeous. Very lithe, long-limbed and larger-than-usual ears. I saw one in MidValley during my last trip down and it reminded me of a lion cub. It's huge! It's the closest you'd ever get to owning a pet lion, i tell ya. It's also known to be one of the most loyal cats around (dogs aren't the only ones who can play the 'loyal' card y'know...)

This luscious one on the right is a British Blue. I've always wanted either a Russian Blue or a British Blue. They've got short but thick fur and are the ultimate cuddling device. You don't know what cuddling a cat is REALLY like till you've held one of these babies! Chubby face, long tail and all-around fleshiness: How can you not love a British Blue?

Ok, next we have the Ragdoll. I'm not partial to really furry cats but I like the Ragdoll because it has the typical Siamese markings (white body and grey points). Did you know that altered Ragdoll males can reach up to 20 pounds? And amazingly they shed very little despite their thick fur. Nice kan? I've never seen a Ragdoll in Malaysia.

I've got more cats to share with you but my ride's here (yes i'm still in the office on a Monday evening). Don't mind me. This is just my way of dealing with my loss. Nothing could really replace Gaya. I'll take my RM150 cat (came with his own cardboard box too) anytime over a purebred RM2000 feline.

"When You Left
I Lost A Part Of Me
It's Still So Hard To Believe
(Come Back, Come Back) Come Back Baby
Please Cuz' (Come Back, Come Back)
We Belong Together."
- We Belong Together, Mariah Carey. The song on the radio. Strangely appropriate.

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