Sunday, August 28, 2005

One week.

Well, i've pulled through a week. It's a long story but to keep it simple, let's just say I'm trying to make the best of my 'indefinite single status'. I've got loads of free time but i'm proud of how i've been trying to fill it up. I watch more DVDs and movies and i'm playing the piano again. Also, I find comfort in writing and i've discovered how wonderful my friends can be. I don't want to dwell on what's happened. There is nothing more than can be done and i can talk about it to death but the situation will remain the same. For those who have heard me out time and time again, thanks. I couldn't ask for more. For now, I'll just have to wait and see if anything can be salvaged. If not, that's life.

Ok enough of that. I watched 'Pirates of the Carribean' on Astro today and I always enjoy the scene where the pirates turn into skeletons under the moonlight. Way cool. And Johnny Depp still looks good in black eyeliner, haha. I went to watch 'The Maid' last Monday. It's a Singaporean horror show and -my reputation for watching crappy B grade horror flicks notwithstanding- i recommend this movie. One, it gave me a better insight on the Hungry Ghosts festival and secondly, it had a proper storyline (so we're not talking about a bunch of lame ass spooks making appearances for no reason). Just go watch la but if you're anything like me, bring a friend you can cling on to. The scary parts were definitely commendable. Oh, and last night i also watched 'The Mask' again (hey i told you i've been watching movies these days...). Jim Carrey is too skinny and Cameron Diaz reminds me of a blonde Jessica Rabbit. Check out the dance sequence in the club...I thought that was cool. But you know what i kept wondering the whole time? For someone who has a green face and large teeth, Stanley Ipkiss' alter-ego sure blends in well with the public. I mean, nobody even flinches at the sight of a green faced freak in their presence. But yeah, then again even the city it's set in is fictional so i suppose it's meant to be cartoony.

So i'm gonna watch 'The Cave' tonight. I dunno what to expect but I think that's a good thing. I find that the less expectations I have of a movie, the less disappointed I'm gonna be. Watch this space for my two cents on the movie.

Until then, have a good week ahead. I know i will.

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