Friday, August 26, 2005

Lousy freaky bloody Friday.

It’s a lousy Friday. And I’ll tell you why. First of all, my lips are swollen due to some allergic reaction to God knows what – and it’s been two days. My skin is also breaking out. At ten a.m there’s an emergency meeting at the office. The Powers That Be are pissed at my department and after a long lecture, all we can do is bow our heads and go ‘I’m sorry’ (…although I’m tempted to add ‘….that I work for such indecisive and annoying half-wits’). We’re then told that we have to come into the office tomorrow (to clean up a mess that isn’t really our fault) AFTER we attend some stupid Orchid Show event in the morning. F**k*n Orchid show on a Saturday morning. My lunch mood is officially ruined by then so after a quick bite, it’s back to office and I have to head to our printer and designer’s office to get the magazine done.

When I get there, my designer tells me we’re going to be delayed and there’s not much I can edit at this point. So whoopee, I came all the way out to be told ‘Hey don’t bother’. And then my phone rings. It’s the office. They want me back to type out some stupid list eventhough I already told them that I can only type the list TOMORROW, upon which my boss says ‘Ok Ok no problem’ but obviously she was not paying attention. It turns out she wants it RIGHT NOW. So, as I am still fuming at my designer, I drive back to the office. What is supposed to be a ten-minute drive turns out into a 45-minute nightmare on the road. And when I get to the office, there’s NO PARKING SPACE so I spend another fifteen minutes circling the bleeping block. So I get to my desk and my colleague is already halfway typing my stupid list (It was nice of her). I finish typing what’s left of the list within 3 minutes and so here I am. Fuming. And annoyed that my schedule has been messed around by inconsiderate people.

And my lips are still swollen.

I’m going drinking tonight. Screw the beers. I want my tequila shots.

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