Sunday, October 09, 2005

What Mel Did Over The Weekend

Lazy Sunday afternoons. Don't you just love 'em? I'm alone at home, listening to Fairground Attraction on my winamp and craving for a Whopper. It's 3:10pm and I just realised i haven't had lunch. Recap on my weekend? ok, if you insist:

Still on leave but i have to drop by the office anyway. I figured i'd drop by for an hour, get my stuff done and be home before lunch. Guess again. Took longer than i expected and halfway through it was already lunchtime at the office so Haw, Charlie and I headed to CPS for food and several rounds of pool. Dex calls me up as I'm making my way back to the office and he wants company for lunch. So...Lunch round two! I had a drink while we talked about studying in the UK and the art of eating tom yam soup when wearing a white shirt (it's a skill, I tell you). Friday night, it's off to Blue Note for a bottle of Chivas and badly dressed singers - What's with the auntie-shorts and J.Lo sunglasses? By eleven, we've polished a bottle and still hankering for a buzz so we head to Shenanigans. Much better. Had some tea of the Long Island kind, worked the dance floor and a bit and decided to drop by a friend's house for an after-party. We arrived at 1am and lookie lookie, more beer! I've slowed down at this point but now I'm just hungry. Its 2am and in KK that means only one thing: Time for Foh Sang's famous prawn mee! Sated and sleepy, time to get home. Time check: 3am.

Up by 8am. Damn body clock. A nice, hot shower followed by vegetating in front of the TV. I'm halfway through The Bold and The Beautiful (it's MY holiday and I'll watch what I want...) when Haw tells me he's got a headache and he's hungry. Totally forgot about breakfast. We head to a coffee shop nearby. 1pm: Lester invites me for lunch. I accept. We eat. I'm off to KK Toys Store to buy a gift for baby Thomas' one month party on Sunday night. I bought him Elmo and Cookie Monster hand puppets. They're so adorable...I might keep them for myself, haha. At night, I'm off to Upperstar for beers and Shenanigan's for more drinks. It's Joey's birthday. He's happy, we're all happy. Yay. It's about 1am and yes, I'm hungry again. Hokkien mee sounds good. Dex sends me home. Time check: 3am

Here I am. Spent the whole day at home, bored but contented. Tonight is baby Thomas Slade's full moon party. Which reminds me, I have yet to wrap the gift. I'm really hungry though. Oh and here's the best part:

I'm still on leave tomorrow *celebrates with a little Irish jig*

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