Monday, September 26, 2005

My life so far. Yawn.

I'm too lazy to blog coherently so I'm gonna do this in point form:

1. I cut my hair. I now have a fringe and I kinda like the 'Cleopatra' effect. Wilson thinks I look like a doll. Is that good or bad? I'll take it as a compliment.

2. I went to the Kinabalu Shell Press Awards. I left the press three years ago but I've kept close contact with my old reporter buddies. They're a fun bunch of people and made me the drinker i am today. Thanks guys :)
Anyway, the awards bit was alright but its always the after-party that i look forward too. Booze, dancing and old friends catching up. Till next year guys...

3. I lack sleep. Hence I am sleepy.

4. I had tom yam for lunch. It was delicious, just as I imagined it to be two hours before lunch time.

5. I didn't have breakfast because I was EXTREMELY late for work. But Haw gave me two of his tuna sandwiches so I survived.

6. Cowhead cheese biscuits are yummy.

7. I feel like eating pasta.

8. I think i'm PMS-ing.

9. I spent the weekend indulging in retail therapy. I bought three tops, a tiny skirt, three pairs of earrings, make-up and a dress. I don't know why but it made me disgustingly happy. Yes, it sounds materialisic but I'm PMS-ing so I don't really give a rats ass.

I'm gonna head home now. But before that, I'm grabbing Haw to have a drink (of the non-alcoholic kind, mind you) with me. I need to perk myself up. Can't wait for the day to be over...

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