Monday, September 05, 2005

Me want me bed.

They spent Saturday washing the office carpets and eventhough everything smells nice and clean now, the detergent smell is getting a wee bit overpowering. Especially on a Monday morning.

No, I am not going to ramble about the Monday blues and why everyone hates Mondays. I feel like crawling back into bed. In fact, I spent a good part of the morning sitting in my swivel chair and hugging Bobby Jo (my pink stuffed cat, courtesy of Mia) and staring into space. Given my hectic weekend, I think my spacing out was well-deserved.

Friday was spent at the Magellan Grand Ballroom, final rehearsals for the Sabah Tourism Awards. Long story short, there was a lot of waiting around and we wrapped everything up by midnight. A bunch of hungry people then staggered to the coffee shop next to The Cottage. They serve the yummiest wo-tehs (deep fried pork dumplings) and delicious sotong bakar. Hunger satiated, I went home and crashed.

Enter Saturday. The big day. We had to be at the ballroom by five pm so I spent the earlier part of the day getting ready. Always the fun part, heh heh. Everyone looked so good dolled up and the guys looked like secret agents in their tuxedos. After the last briefing and a quick dinner, it was showtime. We had around 950 people to keep happy so needless to say, we were on our toes all night. Cue the presenters! Spotlight on table 30! Applause! Keep the wine flowing! And my back was killing me from all the standing around but it’s ok because my shoes were so pretty, haha. The show finally ended close to midnight and all I could think of was taking my shoes off. Job well done, so we all decided to celebrate at Blue Note (bring out the bottles!). Of course, I wasn’t about to party in my flowing skirt so in true party-style, I had a pair of jeans ready in the car. I couldn’t be bothered to find a dressing room so with a bit of dexterous maneuvering, I managed to slip on my party gear while in the passenger seat. Heh, how bout that for skills?

In Blue Note, the party was already in full swing but it only took a couple of glasses to get all of us going (forgot to mention that we already polished a bottle -or two- of wine back in the ballroom). Everyone had a good time, sharing the sentiment of ‘It’s finally over!’ and letting our hair down after weeks –no, months, of hard work. I was careful not to mix my drinks and be a hero again this time. Lots of singing, plenty of laughing and several drunken moments of doing the sumazau (the traditional Kadazan dance, for those not in the know). I got home at four a.m, exhausted but very happy.

Sunday. Major headache. Need. More. Sleep. But it’s daddy’s birthday so we’re off to a grand seafood lunch at Salut. Took almost half an hour to get there and to endure the torturous heat along with my throbbing headache was utter madness. But I pulled through. Dad was happy to see everyone together and that made it all worthwhile. And after a corny joke or two from daddy, I started to forget about my headache. However, on the ride home, I fell asleep in the car within ten minutes. We reached home, I stumbled out of my jeans and into bed and was in la la land for another hour and a half.

So here I am, still bleary eyed and recuperating from my weekend. Gonna take it easy today. Unless someone calls me out la… Heh heh, kidding.

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