Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lucky Seven

A little survey i picked off Yolanda

7 Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die

1. Visit Ireland
2. Visit Disneyworld – the real deal, not the Hong Kong/Euro ones.
3. Write a book
4. Get my masters and PhD (hah)
5. Have children
6. Learn another language
7. ok, ok… Get married.

Seven Things I Can Do
1. Make a really good cat face
2. Cover my nostrils with my upper lips (must be seen to be understood)3. Write (?)
4. Do a Beyonce/Shakira/Britney/Christina
5. Knit (I might need a refresher course though)
6. Play the piano
7. Shop in record time

Seven Celebrity Crushes
1. Johnny Depp
2. Josh Hartnett -those eyes
3. Jericho Rosales - very yummy Filipino actor
4. David Duchovny – strictly in his Mulder role only
5. Jeff Corwin – a guy who likes animals and getting down and dirty. Can’t go wrong here.
6. Cillian Murphy – brooding cute. Irish. I like. (see photo)

7. Ewan Macgregor – geeky cute. Scottish. I like.

Seven Often Repeated Words
1. That’s why (I think this is contagious)
2. Tulah
3. You know
4. I mean…
5. It’s not that…
6. And then
7. I see

Seven Physical Traits I Look In The Opposite Sex
1. His eyes
2. His voice – and the way he talks
3. His laugh/smile
4. A certain natural scent – I don’t like men who douse themselves in cologne nor am I looking for a guy who reeks of B.O. But there’s this certain natural scent that some guys have… Pheromones that match mine I suppose.
5. Huggability
6. Teeth
7. The complete structure of his body – he doesn’t have to have a perfect body, as long as everything looks like its in place. Wait. That sounds wrong.

I didn’t tag anyone. I believe in free will (ok and the fact that Yolanda’s tagged the other bloggers I would’ve tagged myself) Feel free to enlighten me…

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