Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Banana pancakes.

In Between Dreams. That's Jack Johnson's latest album and it's my current ear candy. I bought the album - and no, not the RM10 one (if you love someone, go original I say!). Buying the album was unplanned and merely a lovely twist of fate. I spent Saturday with my colleague, Haw, and after breakfast, few rounds of pool and aimless roaming, we decided to hit the shopping mall to buy a pair of jeans. Almost an hour of bad service and 'sorry miss, no size' later, we decided it was not in God's Greater Plan for us to purchase jeans that day. However, being the retail junkie that I am, I refused to go home without buying anything. Shoes? Not today. Clothes? Hmm, nah. Maybe a quick pit stop to the CD shop. I blinked and there it was. Jack Johnson beckoning me on the second shelf. Should I? I picked it up. Put it down. Flipped through more CDs.

But Jack was still there. Patiently waiting.

So I picked it up with newfound resolution and utter glee. Made my purchase and held him tight to my chest, to be mine forevermore. I got home, slipped him into my CD player and our love affair began. He sang to me, while i curled up in bed wrapped in my pink rayon quasi-blanket and the rain started to fall outside. For a moment, I could almost feel him sitting at the edge of my bed, strumming his guitar and singing to me. Only me. So i listened as he told me about the perils of love and the simplicity of life. He talked about good people and difficult times. He spoke of disappointment but more importantly, hope. And we shared the same sentiment on sitting, waiting and wishing. Finally, I thought, someone who gets it. But best of all, he promised to make banana pancakes for me on a lazy morning. To unplug the phone, and for a moment, there would be no one else but us, enjoying each other. And banana pancakes, of course.

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