Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday's thoughts.

I couldn’t wake up this morning. I had at least four ‘five-more-minutes’ moments. I decided I could afford to stroll into work a wee bit later than usual. I had already picked out what to wear the night before. Ok, as la-di-da as that sounds, I save at least ten minutes in the morning if I figure out what to wear to work the night before. It’s a habit I developed since my school days. I used to lay out my uniform, socks even hair ribbons so that everything would be in place the next day. Rummaging through drawers and closets waste precious minutes that I’d rather spend reading the newspaper while drinking orange juice while watching TV while waiting for the right time to leave the house.

I multi-task, so sue me.

My life is structured. Sometimes to a fault. I have a tendency to plan everything (and I mean EVERYthing) to the tiniest detail. For example, I know if I wake up at 6:45am, I have to be completely dressed by 7:05am, upon which I proceed to the kitchen. Here, I analyze breakfast. If it’s eggs, toast, sausages and the works, I have till 7:25am to finish breakfast – it takes more effort and time to enjoy the meal. If I’m running late, say it’s almost 7:20am, I just grab a sausage or two and make a mental note to grab something light in the office later. I then enjoy my breakfast in front of the TV (bad habit I know) to watch Friends on Channel 70 (except Mondays, on which they air a news programme). By 7:30am, I brush my teeth again, swipe on my lipstick and am on the road by 7:35am. I reach the office by 7:52am, clock in, chat with the front desk and five flights of stairs later (you get used to it), I’m behind my desk checking e-mails.

I like being organized. I like things to run as planned. I like to mentally configure my day/week/month and, on days when I’m tired of rearranging my CDs alphabetically, I whip out my five-year plan and see if there’s anything I’d like to tweak. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not obsessive compulsive and I don’t wash my hands everytime I shake hands with someone else. My room is anything but spotless but even in its mess, I know exactly where everything is. Organised chaos, if you will.

Ok, so I’m not the most spontaneous person in the world. But once in a very blue moon I do throw caution to the wind and do stuff on a whim. Like…I’m supposed to have a dentists’ appointment but I skip it.

Ooooh, living on the edge.

But you know what I mean. I may not be super spontaneous (ok never mind the super bit) but I try to inject some variety in my life. And that’s a start. I’m looking forward to our girls’ weekend away to KL and I know my chicas will show me a good time. Then again, we all know that after a couple of shots (and then some), having a good time is a given, heh.

“So now you’ve got the best of me, come on and take the rest of me, oh baby…”
- You To Me Are Everything, by The Real Thing. I love the song. Just picks me up.

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