Thursday, June 09, 2005

Don't you hate it when...

…there’s a smell in the office and no one else can smell it but you?

…you get two days medical leave but you’re too sick to enjoy the time off?

…there’s nothing on TV but The Bold and The Beautiful and you can’t help but watch it anyway?

…you can’t understand the so-called allure of Paris Hilton but you’re fascinated nonetheless?

…you’ve turned off the lights, gone under the covers and then remember you were looking
for something earlier that day and won’t rest till you find it? (and then you never do but by the time you get into bed, your mind is too preoccupied to go to bed so you stay up wondering where it could be. Doh!)

…glossy magazines write about loving your body no matter what and then feature slender five feet ten inch models without an ounce of fat on their cover along with an article on how to look slimmer in 10 days? Go figure.

…you start sweating the minute you step out of the shower?

…you’re arguing with your parents/significant other/siblings and in the end they win?

...certain songs remind you of certain people? (and you'd really rather not remember)

…the CSI crew is about to reveal whodunit and then your mum walks in and starts talking about the neighbour’s daughter’s gardener’s plumber’s dog walker who’s related to your second cousin’s twice-divorced grand-aunt who married you-know-who.

…it’s hot. It’s just too damn hot.

…that damn smell is STILL in the office?

…you’re in a crabby mood and your boyfriend says, “You’re PMS-ing aren’t you?”

…he’s right?

…you’re already late for work and then you smudge your mascara and when you try to fix it, you ruin it even more and you end up doing your whole face again?

…you’re sitting next to noisy kids/kuaci-chewing teenagers/cellphone-ringing buggers in the cinema?

…people who spoil movie endings for you? (“Sixth Sense ah? You haven’t seen? Bruce Willis is the ghost mah!”)

…you should be doing work but you’d rather be updating your blog? ;p

"I'm like a broken record,
That you can play,
Repeating as if it matters,
Everything I want to say,
I'll be all right
As long as it matters."
- Gin Blossoms, As Long As It Matters, on my CD player.

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