Monday, June 20, 2005

Five Questions.

Allo allo. Five questions from Pat Pincon. Here goes nothing…

1.Why 'Fridaycat'?
Well, if you must know. I like Fridays. I love cats. Seems like a likely combination, no?

2. You've arrived in KL with your fellow chicitas - what do you do with your holiday in the big city?
Terrorise the city, muahaha… Ok seriously, with only five days, there’s so much to do with so little time. We arrive Friday night, and believe or not, from KLIA we head for a quick dinner (I assume) followed by a night of part-tay-ing (not sure where yet but we’ve been advised that an early night is not part of the agenda). I’ve promised to meet up with a friend for dinner (ok my ex-boyfriend to be specific) and there’ll be a bit of shopping here and there during the day. And I wanna eat eat eat! But the main objective is to have an unforgettable, stories-to-tell-my-grandkids kinda holiday with the ladies. We’ve been planning this forever and I’m really excited that it’s finally happening. YOU try coordinating six schedules! For once, everyone’s managed to get time off and, hell yeah, we’re going to make it worthwhile. Note: Nothing’s been planned to the minute so we’re gonna play it by ear *cold sweat* Suggestions?

3. You seem to plan things pretty meticulously - what's your single greatest goal in life and why?
Live happy, die happy. Knowing that I’ve lived a full life just as I’ve pictured it in my head. Call me idealistic but what I want in life is pretty basic: write for a living, travel and see places, marry, have kids/dogs/cat/white picket fence, nice car, nice life. And when I close my eyes for the last time, I can finally accept that my boring, predictable and practical life wasn’t so boring, predictable and practical after all.

4. What is the saddest thing that you have ever seen?
My dad breaking the news to my mum that her youngest brother was killed in an accident back in Manila. My siblings and I heard the news days before but we agreed no one should tell my mum until he and my dad landed in KK (they were coming home from Ireland attending my brother’s convocation). She was really happy at the airport and it was tough for us not to show any emotion. She was so excited about the whole trip and was telling stories from the airport to the house. When we got home, everyone gathered at the living room and when we excused ourselves to make coffee in the kitchen, my dad took that as the cue to break the news. I’ll never forget my mum wailing and how my dad had to hold her down to keep her calm. It broke my heart to see my mum like that.

5. Time to lighten up the mood! Spin a 'Bold and The Beautiful' episode out of this introduction (It must include, as central plot devices, a banana, your cousin Mia, and an Imperial Star Destroyer: "It was a dark and stormy night..."
It was a dark and stormy night. Brooke’s hands were trembling at the betrayal that unfolded before her. How could he? Ridge, the love of her life, the man she would die for, the man who was once her step-son, brother-in-law and husband, had lied to her. She had just returned from Bridget’s apartment. Could it be true? Was Bridget really having a torrid affair with Ridge? She had heard the rumours. Bridget, her daughter from her earlier marriage to Eric Forrester who is Ridge's dad, was also Ridge’s half-sister but until last week, they found out that Eric Forrester was not Ridge’s biological father (still with me?) Which meant…Bridget and Ridge had no blood relation. Which meant…My God. It could be true. All those nights when Ridge said he had to work late at the office…

Brooke had to take a moment to breathe. She didn’t want to believe it but she had the evidence in her handbag. Something that verified Ridge and Bridget’s late night liaisons. Brooke entered the front door of their family home. Ridge stood by the fireplace, talking on the phone. He turned to look at Brooke. “I’ll call you back, Mia. We’ll talk about this later,” he spoke into the phone and hung up. “Who was that?” Brooke asked.
“Mia, Mel’s cousin. We were discussing about tomorrow’s shipment. You’re home early…”
His left eye twitched. Brooke paused. She knew he was lying. His eye twitched whenever he got nervous. “That wasn’t Mia,” she spoke. His eyes widened. Left eye still twitching. “Sweetheart, what do you mean? That was Mia. She called…”
“I was at Bridget’s apartment today.” Brooke didn’t want to beat around the bush. “I know you’re sleeping with her. With my daughter,” she trembled.
“What? That’s ridiculous. She’s my sis…” Ridge began. “Enough with the lies! I know she’s not your sister, Ridge,” Brooke burst out. The dam was broken and her tears flowed like the river Nile. “I don’t know where you got this from but it’s crazy,” he insisted. His left eye was twitching like crazy. “I know you were there. I found your banana,” she said, reaching for the fruit in her bag. His eyes widened in disbelief. Guilt. Panic. “What…how…” he stuttered. “That’s right. You left your banana at Bridget’s place. I know your banana anywhere, Ridge. Don’t lie to me,” she held it in front of his face. It was his banana. His lucky banana. It was a birthday gift from Brooke years ago and somehow, it was still fresh.
“Why Ridge? Why…?”
Ridge couldn’t find the words. “It’s not what you think. We’re in love and since she’s the only woman in this whole damn show I haven’t slept with…I had to show her my banana.” Brooke couldn’t take it anymore. With an evil glint in her eye, she hissed,
“I hope one day, when you and Bridget have a son, I will sleep with him on his 18th birthday and make this show even more complicated than you can ever imagine.” Ridge watched with twitching eyes as she fled from the house and was beamed up on an Imperial Star Destroyer and flew back to her planet.

Thanks Pat, half of dreary Monday morning gone :) Here's how you play the game, peeps.
1. If you want me to ask you five questions to fill your senseless day, leave a message to say 'Interview me!' (exclamation point optional).
2. er...that's about it.

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