Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Futsal frenzy

Yesterday was our futsal tournament. Considering that we do this once a year (with only two months of training), I think we did alright. We were placed fourth among six teams but I have to say that my team played well. No use pondering on why/how we lost but we had a blast and more importantly, we’re even more motivated to kick some ass next year!
The tournament was part of the Sabah Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment’s Annual Sports Meet. Basically all the agencies under the ministry compete against each other in a bunch of events: badminton, futsal, football, table tennis, volleyball track and field etc. Since the only time you’d actually catch me running is if I had dog snapping at my heels and a hobbit outranks me at volleyball any day, futsal is the only sport I’m (half) decent at. After the game, the team gathered in the ladies’ room and went over the game, rambling and ranting about the other players, where our gameplay went wrong and how to shuffle the team positions next time.

I felt like such a jock. All we needed was a steamy shower and some wet-towel snapping.

No serious injuries, just a minor ankle sprain (hence the slipper-wearing in the office today). My heels are killing me and I only slip them on when there’s someone at the front desk to see me. It’s only happened once today and I’m grateful because five flights of stairs is pure torture right now.

Also, I was so touched that Lester, Mia and my brother Ted came to cheer us on yesterday. Aww, thanks guys! Didn’t have much to celebrate (fourth is alright but 1st would've been much nicer) but I thought I deserved a good dinner after the match. Bah kut teh of course, heh heh. After that, Mia, Adrian, Lester and I went to the cybercafe and annihilated the enemy in Dawn of War (yes, I’m playing network games again, don’t ask).

Oops my ride is here. More updates soon. Pictures of my futsal tournament posted below. Enjoy peeps.

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