Monday, February 26, 2007

On the hunt.

My Sunday began at 4:30am. Trust me, I rose...but i didn't shine. And what would possess me to do an insane thing like that? Why, the annual KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt of course! My colleagues and I joined last year and had a blast, so no harm in doing in again right? We had the same team sans Haw, so our new driver was Fauzan (who also happens to be the Company driver). So what does the hunt entail? Basically, you get a bunch of clues to solve by roaming around the city, checking out signboards and completing challenges to score points. Time is limited so you and your team have to plan well. And at 6am, it takes a while to get your brain up and running.
First up, 'decorating' the car. Team 93, anda bersedia?

My team: Barney's Band. You know, the purple kinda grows on you after a while...

Yep, feet are in order. I wore the same pair of Nikes i had on last year. Heh, mana la tau bawa nasib...

This year, they made us 'warm up' before the flag off. Stretching i can handle. But no one should be forced to the Pocho Pocho at 6:30am.

Charlie - rearing to go like the rest of us.

And we're off! I love (trying to) solve the puzzles. I'm such a geek, I know.

Jusliah: "Maybe if you stopped taking photos you could help me here?"

Panas but there's always time to take a photo!

These are some of the 'treasures' we had to source for. We had to go to four locations before we found a 'lokan' (a local shellfish).

One of our pit stops was Monsopiad Cultural Village. You'd be surprised how many KK folks have no idea where this place is, tsk tsk...

Time to walk on stilts or as they call it in Kadazandusun, mamarampanau. Big man to contestant: "You don't cheat ah..."

And we also had to carry bags of rice. 60 seconds for teams of two to identify specific 4 rice brands lined up in a warehouse. They then have to carry the rice sacks to the starting point. We didn't do too well here. Hey, YOU try identify 4 brands among what seems like 5 million...

Exhausted and not fussy about chairs, the day finally ends. We didn't win anything this year (we were fourth last year!) but I had a fantastic time. So fantastic that I'm looking forward to next years' hunt!

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