Monday, February 05, 2007

Bag lady.

I've been bad, I know. I was in Sandakan on Friday, working on most of Saturday and on Sunday...I was just lazy. So for now, I bring you into the bag of Fridaycat. Inspired by Cindy & Jacq.

First of all, I don't carry a backpack with me although my contents might imply otherwise. I'm amazed I lug around this much stuff. Small bags are for wimps, haha.

1. My Feng Shui ally charms. Why not?
2. My pink coin purse, gift from Mia. My wallet can't hold coins.
3. Important meds: Panadol and my allergy pills. I get a bad case of the sneezies sometimes.
4. My thumbdrive. Penting dis.
5. Lipstick holder from China. A gift from one of my bosses.
6. (oops 6 is supposed to the rubber hair tie, forgot to label)
7. My Sonia compact powder.
8. Three lipsticks and lipgloss. I love mixing my lippies to get the perfect shade.
9. Clorets. Bad breath is a big no no.
10. Scholl Refreshing foot spray - I'm very self-conscious about my feet.
11. The bag to hold all my make-up, a gift from Sel.
12. My wallet, my life!
13. Tissue
14. Kacang from MAS. I dunno how that got in there.
15 & 16. My handphones. One for office calls, one for personal calls.
17. Notebook - part of the job.
18. My sunnies. Birthday gift from Haw.
19. Namecard holder
20. Three pens. I have this habit of picking up a pen and chucking it into my bag before i leave the house or the office, just in case I don't already have one in the bag. Hence, three (sometimes four or five) pens. And counting...

There you have it. Wow, I should downsize but I can't think of a single thing I DON'T need in there.

Maybe I'll just bring 2 pens.

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