Thursday, February 08, 2007


I know it's getting to that time of the month when I get emotional a wee bit easily. I was watching National Geographic and they had something like 'Most Shocking Scenes' from the animal kingdom. Everything made me go "wow, that's amazing" until they showed a clip of a female hippo and her baby waddling in the water. She was going to 'introduce' her baby to a herd of hippos nearby, hoping to get accepted.

But things go horribly wrong.

One of the male hippos (alpha male i assume) isn't too crazy about junior seeing he isn't his offspring. Suddenly, there's chaos. The alpha male goes haywire, opening his jaws wide and thrashing in the water. Mummy hippo panics and leads her baby to safety. BUT the water gets too murky and the baby loses sight of mummy. Next thing you know, alpha male approaches baby hippo and has him in his jaws! He PICKS UP the baby hippo in his mouth and starts swinging the baby left and right. The baby hippo makes the most heart-wrenching squeals, totally helpless as alpha male drags him into the water and the baby slowly dies.

It was the most disturbing thing.

Mummy hippo comes back and nudges baby hippo, trying to revive him. OMG apa lagi...I start sobbing. And sobbing. And sobbing. Damn National Geographic. Damn PMS. Damn alpha male hippo. Why can't you men just get along?

Sigh. So anyway, I played futsal which is a great adrenaline rush and pick-me-up. We played with the Tourism Malaysia ladies. It was good fun and despite the fact I thought my heart was pumping so hard it was going to pop out of my chest, I managed to score four goals! Not bad for a shorty non-athletic me, eh?

Anyway, I gotta rub my sore feet seeing the person who normally does that is in the northern hemisphere *ehem, koff koff*. Gonna sleep like a baby tonight.

Hope i don't dream about hippos.

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