Saturday, February 24, 2007


I've been hooked on this for the past week. I got my cousin from Manila to buy the DVD set, Seasons 1-3 and I've couch potato-ing ever since I slipped the first disc in.

I caught the first few episodes during my trip to KL some 2 years ago. I bunked at my ex-boyfriend's apartment (don't give me that look) and while he went out clubbing over the weekend, I indulged in his DVD set (see, i told you not to give me that look).

Anyway, ever since that day, I've been meaning to pick up where I left off but never got around to it. Till today. If you've never heard of this series, then boo to you. It's about two plastic surgeons in Miami, one a (questionable) family man who seems more 'married' to his job than his wife and the other a dashing, devil-may-care, unscrupulous, beds anything with boobs type of guy. As with any series, its loaded with drama, splashes of witty dialogue yadda yadda yadda but what makes this series a man among the boys is its no holds barred footage of plastic surgery in action. It'll make you go, "Holy crap, he's flipping her stomach out!" but still keep you glued. Like watching a really bad accident on the road - You just can't turn away although you know you should. Needless to say, it is SO worth it to get the DVD set because it's uncensored. I think they were (are?) showing it on Malaysian TV but with amount of gore and sex(y) scenes, I'll be impressed if at least 15 minutes of the show gets through our censors.

"So we'll just add another boob here..."

Nip/Tuck will make you ask a lot of questions. First up, would YOU get plastic surgery? Where? Why? It leaves you in a very interesting quandary: Plastic surgeons are often accused of making a quick buck at the expense of making women feel 'imperfect', hence they will recommend areas that need 'fixing'. But are they really the bad guys here when in the long run the women who've had plastic surgery actually feel better about themselves?

Michael Jackson: A big plastic surgery 'Don't'

In one of the episodes, a psychologist tells the surgeon that one of the potential clients (overweight and not exactly Prom Queen material) should not undergo surgery as she was suffering from depression due to low self-esteem. Basically, the girl in question had been suffering from depression for years because she never felt pretty. Now with enough money, she can finally get liposuction and the whole works.

Now here's the interesting part. The psychologist and surgeon do not see eye to eye. Surgeon thinks giving her plastic surgery will do her more good than any anti-depressant drug she's been taking. While Psychologist thinks the only reason she feels ugly is because she's depressed. (Chicken and egg anyone?) Long story short, they deny her surgery. She blows her brains out.

I'm telling you, this show is riveting. Stay tuned.

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