Monday, February 12, 2007


Time: 5:54 pm
The crime: Homicide

The victim:
The suspect:

Meet Blanket. Harmless, lovable domesticated pet by day...And ruthless killer by night. Actually, he kills anytime of the day. I have four cats but Blanket takes the crown as the deadliest hunter among them all. He's always been active but the last few days he's been on a killing rampage!

It started with blood trails in the living room and I panicked, thinking one of my cats was injured. And then i heard a 'thump thump' in my brother's room. Lo and behold Blanket was happily tossing a semi-dead sparrow in the air. Feathers everywhere. Dad cleans the mess.

9 hours later, I come home from work and the minute I step in, it doesn't look good. Feathers EVERYWHERE. Up the stairs, in the kitchen, in my mum's bedroom. And just as I feared, Victim #2 (see pic) was lying lifeless near the TV. I clean the mess.

The next day, Blanket gets adventurous and more daring. He leaps and bounds into the living room with a bigger and furrier victim. My parents panic and give chase.

Dad: Suspect is on the move, go go go!
Mum: We have a victim down, calling for back up...

You'll never guess what Blanket caught.

A baby rabbit.

It was still alive albeit freaked out beyond belief when my mum saved it from Blanket's jaws of death. We tried to nurse it back to health. My brother ran out to buy rabbit feed, mum got the basket and blanket (no, not the murdering-cat type ofBlanket) ready. I cuddled it and fell in love in an instant - its a baby rabbit, how could you not? I'm guessing it belongs to someone in the neighbourhood but before I could knock on doors, it died the next morning.

Woe is he who crosses the path of the merciless Blanket.

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