Friday, November 09, 2007

Quickie Friday.

Sorry haven't had the time (and inspiration) to blog. Life's been busy busy busy but in a good way.


1. Sabah Tourism Awards coming up! It's crunch time, lots to finish up. And my dress isn't quite ready.

2. Deadlines. What else is new.

3. Went to watch 30 Days of Night. Boley la. I just remember feeling cold throughout the movie.

4. Waiting for Beowulf to open.

5. Blanket is doing much better but I keep him caged up because he's starting his wandering ways again! He just doesn't learn.

6. I'm stressed out about moving, leaving and turning a new chapter.

7. I find comfort in a quick drink or two with friends.

8. I can't wait for Christmas!

9. I'm going for a Swedish massage today. I'll let u know if I survive.

10. I like the Jordin Sparks song, Tattoo.

There you go. Ten things in my life right now. Be right back!

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