Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here and there.

Well looky here, November is almost ending. Where did the year go? Not that I'm complaining. Haven't been blogging, seeing that I had places to go, things to do and people to meet. Which is a good sign that I'm 'living'. My cousin Patrick came down from Manila and brought his friends along. So of course, am always happy to play the 20-cent tour guide.

Kevin, my 18-year-old cousin, me, Glen and Jonathan outside Cock & Bull after numerous beers. These people can DRINK.

My cousin Patrick. Ain't he a cutie?

And then I was kept busy preparing for this over the weekend...Time to doll up!

...I clean up good don't I?
Events like these are always a combination of work and play. Just when you think never the twine shall meet. Anyway, it's a night where outstanding players of the tourism industry are given due recognition. Some of the honours went to Nexus Resort Karambunai for Excellence in Hotel Services for 3,4 and 5 Star hotels/resorts, the Sabah Museum for Best Tourism Attraction (Non-nature) and *drumroll please* Cock & Bull for Best Entertainment Spot, beating out favourites to win Shenanigan's and Blue Note. Heh, what a night. The district of Kudat won the Cleanest District Award once again and I thought this was well-deserved. Seriously, check out Kudat and you'll see what I mean. Why can't KK be that clean?
Having taken hours to get dressed up means this is one night everyone transforms into a cam-whore to immortalise how 'done up' we look. Exhibit A: Yours truly with Hezrina.

I love how boys get dressed up once a year (or in this case, every 2 years). Look Ma, a TUX! Left to right, Zachary, Charlie, moi and Walter, taking a breather while everyone else is doing work, heh heh.

Of course, the fun only truly begins at the after-party. Roland and me at Blue Note. Intoxicated just fine. And no, I don't know how that bow tie got there.

When the Powers of Three combine...You better shut your bars. No worries, Dann was the designated driver of the night. I may drink but I'm a responsible drinker, ehem.

Finally, in other updates, Alicia Keys rocks my world. I bought her latest CD (hey original ok, not those scratchy RM10 ones...) and although her single, No One, is much-talked about, I unexpectedly fell in love with track no. 6, "Lesson Learned", which she collaborated on with John Mayer.

"Yes I was burned but I call it a lesson learned..."

You tell 'em Miss Keys.

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