Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Office.

Please don't tell me for the hundredth time what a great job I have. It's like telling a tiger he has stripes. I KNOW already. And don't tell me I'm an ingrate because despite my 'great job', I still complain. Today is Complain About My Workplace Day and I don't give a hoot who reads this because I know most of my office colleagues found my blog anyway (I really should consider moving...).

It's been two days in a row that I start my morning with a bullcrap e-mail from the Powers That Be, nagging about one thing or another. I know I should be doing things even if they are beyond my job scope because it's good for my own 'growth' or something like that. And trust me, I have. And yes, I've learned stuff. And if I wanted to be SO Government-y, I would be whining about how I don't get paid for all the 'other' stuff that's not in my job contract when I signed up.

But I don't.

BUT today I will. First of all, it's common knowledge that we get paid peanuts. And yet we're expected to work beyond our hours AND put in the best we can AND go out of our way to excel in every little thing we do, even if it's wiping someone's ass. If i were to put everything in dollars and cents, I don't get paid enough for the crap that comes out of my bosses' mouth. Seriously. The mental abuse, sarcasm and the condescending attitude really isn't worth getting out of bed on most days. If they're SO smart about everything, why don't they do it themselves? Because they only know how to bark orders but when it's time to get down and dirty, that's where your executives come in, right? I admit I don't know everything (who does?) but give me some motivation to WANT to learn. Telling me, "That's lousy! That's bad writing! Those captions are just not attractive enough! Use your brain!" isn't exactly going to get me super-excited about working for you, bozo. I used to love coming into the office but as of late, the air in the office is suffocating. Everyone is demotivated, tired and just negative. It's like a festival of Eeyores around here. Where is the love, people???

I need a break from this monotony.

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