Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mountain talk.

Ladies and Gents, presenting the TM 21st Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon *jeng jeng jeng*.
In a nutshell, every year a bunch of crazy and sadistic people torture themselves by running (not trek, hike or walk) up and down 4095.2m of granite also known as Mount Kinabalu. Nerd fact: It's the highest peak in South East Asia. The company I work for is the main organiser and every year, we haul our asses to Ranau and make sure the race happens.

Time check: 6:00am. It's cold. The smart thing to do is wedge yourself between two people. And while you're at it, take photo la... That's Charlie, me and David.

With Zac before the race begins. He's Da Man, pretty much making sure all is in place.

Time check: 7:00am. They're off! Run, Forest, run!

Alamak....hilang glamour. One guy's shoe actually came off. He turned back to retrieve it.

The Men's Open winner: Kilian Jornet Burgada from Spain. The dude is only 19 years old and he finished the race in 2:39.10, just four minutes below the record. He trains six hours a day, seven days a week and i was told he's also the mountain ski racing world champion. It's like racing up and down the mountain but on skis! I'm happy enough if I can finish one round at Bukit Padang without dying.

Agusti Roc Amador rocks! He's been in the race for the last few years, consistently finishing in top spots. This year, he came in second. Also a Spaniard. He's in his 30s though so we'll see how many years he's got left in him. But he'll be a tough act to follow.

Monica Ardid Ubed from Spain was the surprise win in the Women's Open. I don't remember her from past years but she did an amazing job all the same. I have a feeling we'll be seeing her again! (yeah there seems to be a Spanish trend in the Climbathon winners list dontcha think?)

And of course, like all events, everyone needs the staple eye-candy to keep you motivated, heh heh. Albert Balcells is the Director of the Buff Skyrunning organisation in Spain. Adorable no? Si, mucho mucho adorable!

There's work to be done - so here I am with the Ribbon Holders, heh heh. Good work guys! Quote of the day: "This is not a ribbon la!"

At night, the mice come out and play! Whip out the beer and the grill, it's time to par-tay. Never mind we only had four hours a sleep on both's all good. My colleagues Hezrina, Diana, Maps and me.

No, I'm not taking an ass shot. Just wanted to show you guys this guy's energy supply belt. Looks like 'limau kasturi' (calamansi lime) water to me.

One part of the Climbathon I always enjoy? Hanging out and taking care of the local press. I used to be one of them and now...We still get to hang out, yay!

And here's the best meow meow purr purr look I can muster. Yep, the Climbathon is still my favourite Sabah event.

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