Friday, September 14, 2007

Haw The Colleague

Everyone knows I miss Haw The Boyfriend. But what people might not realise is how much I miss Haw The Colleague.

Before we became an item, we were office mates for three years. During that time, we got to know each other's working styles and habits (hey, he sat in front of me all those years so he's kinda hard to ignore). And I quickly discovered he was the best colleague anyone could ask for. Ya ya I know you all think I'm biased but ask anyone from my office. Haw was easily the Employee of the Year, heh heh. Not only was he brilliant in what he did (he was Head of the Graphic Dept. in my office and his designs were fantastic), he was so easy to work with. You know how they say creative minds are usually messy people? Haw is what you call 'organised chaos'. Things LOOKED like they were all over the place but he had a system and he was definitely more organised than me.

But I digress. Lately, when things get crazy and a bit messy in the office, there's no Haw to save the day. I miss his efficiency. His reliability. His integrity. His work. Our department used to be the cream of the crop and we made a fantastic team: We had a manager who would hear us pitch our ideas, get excited about them and convince the Higher Powers, a graphic team who wasn't afraid to think out of the box and, well, I was proud to provide the writing where needed. And I especially miss how he could 'see' my idea in his head before I could finish describing it...Voila! Our projects were often effortless. We were a well-oiled machine who worked hard and with heart.

Things change. And I miss our glory days. I miss Haw the Boyfriend, but I also speak for my team when I say I miss Haw the Colleague just as much. You never know what you have till it's gone. And boy are we feeling it now.

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