Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Satu Kepala

Why It's Important To Have Friends On The Same Wavelength...(as seen on Yahoo IM)

fridaycat13: i'll probably regret never taking diving lessons (for free lagi tu) years from now.

fridaycat13: then again...

fridaycat13: maybe not.

Selina Yapp: u know mel, if you go for diving lessons

fridaycat13: so scare oh.

Selina Yapp: i'll have to go too

Selina Yapp: yeah, freaky

yo.graham: ha??

Selina Yapp: i'd rather have gills implanted

fridaycat13: ya its beautiful and all...but i find it so scare la.

Selina Yapp: and kasih webbify my feet

fridaycat13: ya me too sel.

Selina Yapp: cool

fridaycat13: let's get gills

Selina Yapp: then we can outswim Yo

fridaycat13: and stay underwater longer

Selina Yapp: and then and then we cari penguin and train it how to imitate yo

yo.graham: i'd rather learn diving than get gills and webbified feet

fridaycat13: aha Yo, BUT...

fridaycat13: we only get webbed feet and gills when we WANT to dive.

fridaycat13: TRANSFORM!

Selina Yapp: Yeah!

yo.graham: kha khu khi kho kha

fridaycat13: *kook keek keek kook kook*

Selina Yapp: kur kei ker kee koo

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