Monday, September 10, 2007

Top 10 Turn Offs

Guys, a word of advice. Before you start hitting on a chick or, worse, make a total ass of yourself with catcalls and just being plain obnoxious, please take a long hard look in the mirror. Chances are, you are not all that. This isn't a do-or-die list but it's worth taking note of:

1. Bad breath
You can look like Johnny Depp but if your mouth smells like something crawled in it and died, you might as well look like John Howard in a thong.

2. Body odour
Seriously, if we can smell you BEFORE you enter the room, it's not a good thing. If showering is such a chore, may we suggest alternatives: Deodorant, anti-perspirant, cologne, air freshener, moving to another planet...

3. Visible nose/ear hair
They invented nose/ear hair trimmers for a reason. Use it. Personally, I'm not too fond of facial hair in general but hair coming out of your nose as I'm about lean in and kiss you is a mood killer.

4. That long fingernail on your pinky
Unless you are actually a triad member, this look does not bode well for you. It just gives us women the impression you dig your ears (and nose) with ease. A lot.

5. Sexist remarks
This isn't the stone age. If you're so insecure about your manhood, strap on a pair and shut up already.

6. Being 'too' pretty
If he's more concerned with his looks than his date with me, I'd sooner stay home and talk to my cat. Groom, don't primp.

7. The Me Show
You say: "So I spent seven years in London where I was the top student in my class and everyone thought I was going to graduate with honours for sure..."
We hear: "Me bla bla bla me me me bla bla bla me me me..."
Tip:Sometimes a conversation involves two people.

8. Disrespect
Such a no brainer but taken for granted so easily. A good sign of how a guy will treat you is how he treats the people around him. The waiter, his mum, his sister, the guy selling chicken rice, your dog...If he's nice to them, there is hope yet.

9. Mama's boys
I dislike men who flaunt their status, wealth and so-called ambitions when in truth they still have to ask their mommies, "Where's my Transformer undies?" Being close to your mother will
always be a big plus point in our books but being tied to her apron strings will have us running out the door.

10. Greasy hair;
If you are not auditioning for a Brylcreem ad nor did you fall into a vat of pork lard, there is no good reason to have greasy hair. It has never been a good look and never will be. And who in her right mind would want to run her hand through THAT?

Ok i lied, I have 11:

11. Too much jewelery
Are you a black recording artiste who makes millions a year rapping about shooting people and bein' with all 'dem shorties'? No? Then you should not be wearing more jewelery than your girlfriend, period.

So...what turns YOU off?

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