Wednesday, August 01, 2007

6 Weird Things

Tagged! Been a while since I did these things so allow me while I humour myself:

6 Weird Things About Me

1. I like walking around the Baby's Department in any shopping mall to sniff the baby stuff.

2. I like sniffing stuff, actually.

3. I categorise my underwear.

4. I have to mentally plan my day/week/month or all hell breaks loose.

5. I like to be 'fair' to all my food on a plate and try my best to eat equal portions of each at the same time.

6. It irritates me to see the toothpaste tube squeezed in the middle so I will make it a point to squeeze it from the bottom to even it out. And my bro never caps the shampoo bottles after use. Drives me nuts.

Ok, me gonna tag:
1. Jacq
2. Papajoneh
3. Charlenediane
4. Cindy
5. Karmilla

and whoever wants to do it la.

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