Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Thanks Pu, for kicking my ass into blogging. Sorry lah, everytime I wanna blog, I get interrupted by something else. Anyway, Mel's week in random order:

1. Was in KL last weekend, for just one night. Sabah won 6 awards during the Malaysia Tourism Awards, woo hoo!

2. I managed to buy a pair of black pants in Isetan. L was too big (I could pull them off in one swift move) and M is a tad snug. The lesser of two evils won: M. At least I look like I have a butt.

3. Went to Sandakan on Friday for the Agnes Keith Day. FYI, Agnes Keith is an American writer who lived in Sandakan during the second world war and she wrote a book about her experiences. Why the hoo ha? She coined the term 'Land Below The Wind'. Nuff said.

4. I had an 'emotional episode' some time mid-week. Must be all the raging hormones. Thank God for girlfriends who remind me that I'm still lawa mau mati and jerks will forever be jerks, worthy of our friendship nevermore. Sniff.

5. I painted my nails red.

6. I had dinner at Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort's Coffee Terrace and it was fantastico! I wanted to stick my tongue under the chocolate fountain all night but my colleagues stopped me.

7. Yolanda and I will be workmates!

8. I wanna watch The Simpsons, Vacancy and Harry Potter. Yes, I'm backdated, sue me.

9. My colleague is having her fare-thee-well party tomorrow. Sob.

10. I went partying on Saturday night and came home on Sunday morning. It's been QUITE a while since I did that. That said, you guys really should check out Cock & Bull at the Waterfront. I had a surprisingly good time!

11. I had Spanish food with Yo and Sel - which took ages to arrive. Over dinner we discovered: The education system in Malaysia infuriates Yo, Sel wouldn't mind having a clone of herself and Mel is 100 percent against capital punishment. Oh and Oprah doesn't make sense sometimes.

Ok, random photo of the day:My trip to Bangkok in 2004 with the media. Those were fun times. L-R: Me, Jerry and Rayner.

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