Monday, July 02, 2007

Let's go to the zoo!

Actually, it's a Wildlife Park, ehem. But it's just more fun to say, "I went to the ZOO on Sunday!" And by golly gee whiz, it was fun. Yes, peeps, Sabah finally has a real zoo and I ain't talkin' bout the ones where they cage up wild monkeys and feed them keropok, ok. A REAL zoo, with more than 2 types of animals! Excited yet? Read on.

It's located at Lok Kawi, which is about half an hour's drive from the city centre. You can go there using the Penampang way (not recommended cuz the roads get confusing. Ok la, with me all the roads are confusing anyway...) or from the Putatan road. It's pretty simple really. Drive all the way to the Lok Kawi-old Papar road junction. When you get to the junction, just turn left and go straight on. You'll pass by a Hindu temple, keep going straight and you'll see a shooting range. Keep going my friend. Aaaaallll the way past the army camp and on your right, keep your eyes peeled for the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Ta-da!

*Just to let you guys know that my camera died halfway through the trip so pardon the lack of photographic evidence of the total awesomeness of the place. Proceed.

So here I am, holding up the Park map. And that's Wilson eating ice cream and poking his nose into the frame. I didn't even know he was behind me until after I took the photo.

It's a big cat! It's a lovely clouded leopard (ok don't quote me on this cuz I'm not sure). We were wondering why he was so fascinated with the view on the left side of his cage. And then I realised his 'neighbours' are a bunch of deers. "Why, I'd LOVE to have you for dinner" brings a whole new meaning in this neighbourhood.

And then we saw the Malaysian Civet. Sleeping. Wei, I paid 10 bucks to see you act cute, bangunlah!

The whole park is structured really well but I think once the trees are bigger and in full glory, it'll have better shade. We were lucky that it was cloudy so it wasn't too hot. We rented umbrellas for RM1.00, just in case it poured.

And then we saw elephants!!! I got so excited. I want an elephant for Christmas. Loved ones, please take note.

Sang Melissa dengan Sang Gajah ber-posing. (no 'Spot the Elephant' jokes, ok?)

We were looking for the Rhinos but this was the only one we could come across. (Actually there was one wallowing in the mud but it looked exactly like the one pictured above anyway).

How can you not love sun bears? Damn cute and less scary than grizzlies. "I'll just balance on this tree and look cute. Gawd, I don't get paid enough for this."

And then the aviary was super cool. One of my friends commented it was like entering Jurassic Park or something.All these birds flying freely around you. I didn't know which to worry about: being crapped on or pecked to death.

And then my battery died. Sialan. The zoo also has Proboscis Monkeys, Orang Utans (what? here in Sabah? Wowee), Otters (SO adorable), a bunch of deers whose names escape me, tigers and unicorns (well, a girl can wish...). Lots more critters I can't remember right now. Oh and they're in the midst of finishing the Reptile House which I hope will not disappoint. All in all, the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park looks promising and all you Sabahans really should check it out some time. It's only RM10 per entry (cheaper for kids) and free for those above 60. But if you're REALLY a cheapskate, visit the Wildlife Park on 7th July 2007 during their launch and get in for free, heh heh.

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