Thursday, July 12, 2007

You guessed it: The KK Bloggers Meet

I took my time doing this entry because I know you can rely on the other more 'frequent' bloggers update you, heh heh. Anyway, here's Fridaycat's take...
It all started here. A really cool cruise ship, complete with a buffet.
We all piled onto the boat/ship (potato, poh-tato) and started cruising along the coast line. KK lights are so pretty. But it was, in truth, one stinky ride. Must be the fish market we cruised by.
The first ever KK Blogger's Meet was the brainchild of these bee-you-tee-full peeps. L to R, Jacq, Gallivanter and Jewelle (Jacq's sis who came all the way from Brunei).

And you wanna know how small KK is? It was like a high school reunion! Bumped into several schoolmates (both juniors and seniors). L to R: Imelda, Charlene, Yolanda, moi.

Yolanda, me and the ever-bubbly Josie. She's like happiness in a jar!

With Gallivanter. Sans alcohol. Scary no?

Group pic! After some 15 shots, everyone got distracted and decided to go, "Oh screw it. I'll just stand here and look natural. Yang penting, masuk frame."

Although there were plenty of guys around, Yo and I snagged the cutest one and decided to take him home, muahaha. (Too bad his parents were around). That's Jordan, also known as Mr. Badak Jr., heh heh.

The party found its way to The Bed (it's a club. And short for...Best Entertainment Destination, i kid you not). Imelda, Charlene and me, clinging on for dear life. Still sober and 'control ayu'.

And there goes the 'ayu' bit....

Uh oh, the 'happiness' is kicking in...

Papajoneh, Gallivanter and Wei Chuen doin' the doo wop. Punya main happy...
All in all, I had a great time. It's great to be able to meet the people behind the blogs. Come out and play again ok?

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