Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ok, let's see.

1.Went to to Semporna for the Regatta Lepa.

2.Visited some islands.

3.Came back with a sorta-tan and a semi-burn.

4.Work has been full swing, especially with Sabah Fest around the corner.

5.Went out with some people I haven't seen in a while.

6.Witnessed one of them profess his undying love to another, alas, his desire unrequited.

7. Contemplated on how poetically karma works.

8.Caught up with my cousin over happy (not-so-happy?) hours.

9.Karaoke session with my karaoke chicas.

10.Conducted a photo shoot at the museum on lovely -albeit- hot day.

11. Spent quality time with my brothers, sister and nieces.

12.Finally hauled my ass to the gym

13. ...And treated myself to KFC after.

14. Watched Hannibal Rising.

15. Looking forward to the long weekend.

I'm taking Monday off and with Labour Day and Wesak Day following thereafter, I got myself a nice five-day weekend. Jangan jeles.

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