Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Great Chinese Adventure, Pt. 2: Haikou

After Xi'an, we hopped on a plane and headed to the sunny island of Hainan, namely to the city of Haikou. (ehem, just a note, my Haw's roots are embedded somewhere in Hainan so looks like I managed to visit his 'hometown' before him. Don't worry, baby, you'll get there soon).

Unlike the cool breeze of Xi'an, Haikou is a tropical city and very reminiscent of KK (except it's a bit bigger lah).

In the heart of Haikou. Please don't ask me about the plane.

Sheraton Haikou. Five-star bliss. You can see some bungalows in the background.

My bedroom. I love how the partition slides so you can look into the bathroom. These were the BEST beds ever...I could sleep all day in them.

When in Hainan...Must eat Hainanese chicken rice! But honestly? I think the one in KK lagi sedap. (Interesting note: Chicken meat in Hainan is tough. Seriously. In every restaurant we ate, I was constantly 'wrestling' with the meat)
And then we ate some more. Note to self: No lamb for the next 20 years.
I loved the fruits though .Especially the tiny 'kams'. I ate a whole bag by myself sampai batuk batuk.

At night, we made ourselves at home at the bar and lounge and even made friends with the Filipino band. Mabuhay!

A moment to relax on the beach. I was told that many mainland Chinese flock to Hainan island for their beaches (some of them have never seen the sea, having spent most of their lives braving the cold in the mainland. brr). However, I must say that the beaches were pretty average and even Tanjung Aru fared better. Maybe we Sabahans are just spoiled by damn nice beaches. See? The grass ain't always greener, people.

Coming up: Fridaycat does Sanya!

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