Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fat days, lazy gene.

Warning: Self-absorbed entry ahead.

I'm having a fat day. Ever have those? When you feel like whale or, worse, a whale with a weight problem.

Blame the onslaught of PMS. Plus I feel like staying in bed all day. No, I'm not sick. It's what I call the Lazy Gene. You know, like it's not bad enough my weight is a pain in the ass - I'm also lazy. It's like you perpetually smell really bad but you're allergic to baths.

I keep saying I'll hit the gym but the only thing I tend to hit is the sack (oink oink). Tired bah. But Sel has a good point: Exercise is best when it doesn't feel like your exercising. In other words, go play a sport you enjoy or walk the dog. Do housework vigourously. Wax you car like your life depended on it. Reach for the fridge door till your hear your back crick (heh). As long as it's physically fun, I say go for it. There's one physical activity I consider pretty 'fun' but I wanna keep my blog PG-13, heh heh.

Ugh, i still feel fat. Doesn't help meeting up with long lost cousins and discovering that after 10 years, they still have their 18-year-old bodies. Damn. But i can't help it if i love food AND i'm Chubby? Fleshy? Well-rounded? For the life of me, I just can't get THIN. I can lose weight and look 'different' but never thin. I could get 'slim' if I went on a diet of cotton wool and water but i haven't reached that level of desperation yet. You know what's weird? Some days, I'm totally lovin' being the way I am and kinda proud I'm not one of those rail-thin toothpick chicks. But some days, it frustrates me I can't wear midriff-baring tops. Ya ya i know you can't have everything but I don't see anyone saying that to Gisele Bundchen. Haiya, this losing weight business is so tiring.

I'm so depressed. I think I'll cheer myself up with a cheesecake.

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