Monday, April 09, 2007

One at a time...

So here I am, trying to get a grip of all the chaos surrounding me. I like my Mondays slow but today was not fated to be one of them. So much to do, so little time. So much to remember! I have to make lists of lists to remind me of the lists I might forget about. And my boss is going on maternity leave soon. Gulp. Extra work load anyone?

I'm sure I'll handle the workload fine but I can't help but feel a bit anxious. And just to relieve my sweaty palm condition right now, I'm blogging. It's almost 5:30pm but I hate the rush hour jam. I STILL have shitloads to do and I've decided to bring some work home. I have done absolutely NO writing from 8am to 5pm today, thanks to the endles phonecalls, appointments, sudden requests, follow-up calls, printing, organising and list-making. What I REALLY need to do is finish my articles for the next issue. Instead, here I am, wilting at the end of the day, hoping my brain will vomit a story sometime after dinner. By hook or by crook, that story will be written before the day is done.

I have to do a spa review this week and i never thought I'd say this about a free massage: I feel so lazy oh. It's times like these I wish I had a minion of reporters under me for me to give writing assignments ("Ok, story on the use of cow-dung as fertiliser...mmm...John. Story on sushi delights in Sabah...mmmokae, I'll do this one."). Anyway, I think i'll go to the spa tomorrow after work. Sigh. I'm such an ingrate kan?


How was your Easter? I went to church with five million other people (ok la not five million but it felt like it). And then spent it with the family. On Saturday, I had dinner with Haw's parents and told them all about my trip to China. Haw's dad was so excited he even showed me a map of China and pointed out all the places I visited! So nice...You know la me, so ignorant until someone actually whips out a map. And my sense of direction isn't going to win any awards you know...

In other updates, life is good. Just waiting for Haw to come back (what else is new) and smiling at the laptop like an idiot every night when I see 'Hawding is online'. But you know what I love? How he can still make me laugh so hard without actually saying a word. Funny bah his face. But funny in a way that I still sayang la, heh.

Ok I want to go home now. May the force be with you. And me. So i can write that story.

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