Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Manila photos

Long overdue. Some shots during my recent trip to Manila:

My twin cousins, Rissa and Sasha.

Their manja cat...Being manja.

The lovable Troy. My grandma's doggy. Look at that face!

A shopping we-will go...

Magic FM, live! I was on a radio show, where my cousin Patrick temps as a DJ for the Campus Patrol Show. A shot of his colleague in action.

My cousin Reneelyn, DJ Mike and me. Dinner time!

Sisig - one the famous Filipino dishes. Minced pork. Delish! and goes great with beer,heh.

Rice, chicken kebabs, roasted pork, pancit (noodles), beer and mango salad for four people. I paid only RM60, how about that?

My dad packing. Me annoying him by being in the way.

If there is one thing you MUST try in Manila, it's these Cinnabon thingies. Hot out of the oven. Divine...i couldn't stop eating them!

KK islands from the sky. Almost home!

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