Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Betcha missed these...

You are Maryiln Monroe
A classic tortured beauty.You're the dream girl of many men.Yet they never seem to treat you right

Tortured, true. I dunno bout the beauty part, haha.

Not a Jealous Bone in Your Body
You're secure, trusting, and giving with friends and lovers. And while you may have been hurt before, you've bounced back.You're generally happy with your life - and no one's grass is greener than yours. One word of caution: some may see your lack of jealousy as indifference!

See? These quizzes can get it SO wrong sometimes...

Your Gemstone is Aquamarine
Intuitive, tranquil, and trusting.You inspire others to have faith in themselves.


You Are Most Like Heidi Klum
Girl next door vibe with top model looks

We all can dream sometimes. sigh.

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