Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ever feel.

Ever feel...

like you've entered a dark room
and can't find the switch
and you're groping
and hoping
you'll find something to hold on to?

like someone has reached into your body
and clawed your innards out
leaving you empty
and hollow
with nothing to feel or follow?

like the world is your TV
and you keep changing channels
looking for something worth watching
drama, comedy,romance, crime
anything to pass the time.

like people never mean what they say anymore?
with their promises and vows
and candy-coated sweet nothings
sorry-laden conversations
no more feeling, just going through the motions.

like someone removed the brakes
and everything is out of control
everything, too fast, too fast
too slow, stop, wait, go
left or right, you no longer know.

like one minute you want to believe
and you dare to dream
the good things, the best things
that all of it may come true...
and then realise, not for you.

Never for you.

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