Friday, May 29, 2009


It's finally here. The Ka'amatan weekend. I am so happy, I'm doing backflips in my heart right now (because in real life I can't do a backflip. Random info, i know).

Whataweek. From office dilemmas (cancelled, not cancelled, cancelled, NOT cancelled...) to personal affairs. In a nutshell, here's what I gathered:-

1. People will appreciate you, people will take you for granted.

2. Facebook is toxic. I'm taking an indefinitely break from it. We live in a fishbowl society and I'd like to try and stay out of it.

3. There are SO MANY pretentious people in this town. I know people who wouldn't give me the time of the day UNTIL they realise I can do them a favour. I hope you choke on your silver spoon, you self-centered brats.

4. I need to start hitting the gym again. After my futsal session, I realised how out of shape I am.

5. I miss Futsal! After last night's game, I vow to hit the courts more often.

6. Recognise the toxic people in your life and keep them away. They usually come in form of exes.

7. Speaking of which, an ex recently told me to 'Let him go' as he thinks my association with him (ie: we're still friends) is causing the failure of all his potential relationships. Hellooooo...If you can't dance, don't blame the music.

8. Happiness comes in the smallest forms. From watching horror movies all night to playing a repetitive online game.

9. He rubbed my sore feet and painted my toenails. Just because he's sweet like that.

10. I am blessed. I just need to be reminded now and then.

I'm off to watch the Australian Bee Gees show tonight at Magellan - a charity concert in aid of the Palliative Care Association of Sabah. Ok, is it just me or is the whole theme of the night a little...Ironic...considering it's for people under palliative care?

It's called, "Stayin' Alive"

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