Saturday, January 03, 2009

"This year is yours."

It was the sms that started my year off right.

It struck me not as a statement. Not as a suggestion. Not a hopeful wish. But a prophecy. A foresight. Something that is to BE, no questions, no doubts. How empowering!

If 2008 was the year that knocked me down, 2009 will be the year to pick myself up. It IS my year. A year where I will put myself first, above all others. And even if I have to knock some people down, lose some (toxic) people in my life and unleash my inner bitch, I promise myself this will be THE year to get there.

I've decided it's not important for people to like me or approve of me. What matters most is for me to be happy. Even at the cost of making others unhappy, I insist on being happy. Enough with the people-pleasing. Enough with putting someone else's needs first. And I'm done with being obedient, dutiful and considerate. Geez, why don't you just bind my oriental feet already?

So that aside, I've got tons on my plate lined-up for the year and I am so fucking excited about it. Ah 2009, how do i love thee? Let me count the ways:

1.I've finally joined a gym.

2. I'm starting to write my book this year.

3. I am making plans to travel -I already have Perhentian on the list come CNY, but I might switch that to Phuket, pending budget constraints. Also in the pipeline: KL to visit my friends and shop like the world is ending, either Bali or Siem Reap and definitely happening this year, MANILA!

4. In that light, I'm back as Editor which means...MORE TRAVEL FOR WORK! I'm doing Mabul come Feb/March and gonna re-visit some oldies but goodies just for inspirations' sake - Kudat, Tawau, Sandakan, the mountain, jungle hiking, Miki Survival Camp (still thinking bout this one, leeches freak me out!), Pulau Tiga, deep sea fishing...Bring it on!

5. I am going to lose that stupid, stupid 5 kilos (I've lost two, three more to go!).

6. Make time to read more books.

7. I'm on a mission to save enough money by end of the year so I can quit my job and carve a new path - whatever that may be. (and no, I don't really care who reads this. People die and jobs change. Deal with it)

8. I'm doing a scrapbook. Ok, so this sounds like a menial job but it's symbolic for me.

9. Pick up a new skill - I'm already playing the drums (long way to go before Taylor Hawkins be jammin' with me though...), learn a new language, try a new sport, lick my elbow...Whatever lah, as long as it's new.

10. Change my wardrobe. I dunno if I can pull off leggings but this will be the year I find out!

11. Realise I am WAY above the little people who keep dragging me down. I am beautiful, talented, kind and smart - and nothing they say can ever change that. BOO to you, you sonofabitch, for making me feel otherwise all year round.

This year is mine.

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